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SERVICE WITH A SMILE: Stephen and Arron Singh look forward to welcoming customers to Taj Indian Restaurant in Huskisson.

SERVICE WITH A SMILE: Stephen and Arron Singh look forward to welcoming customers to Taj Indian Restaurant in Huskisson.

The lucky people of Huskisson have one of the region’s finest restaurants to boast about.

Taj Indian has been a popular dining experience for more than 16 years and continues to attract lovers of real Indian food from far and wide.

Stephen and Arron Singh are the proud owners of Taj Indian. 

Opened in 2002 by Stephen, they have succeeded in creating the ultimate fine Indian dining experience.

Stephen has a background in hotel management and restaurants in the UK. 

After sojourns in Birmingham, Glasgow and Ayer; Scotland, and working in Australia in restaurants, Stephen opened his own establishment in Sydney.

The Indian Empire was renowned for its great food, as was Stephen’s second restaurant in Silvania.

Wanting to spend more time with his children and a better quality of life, the family moved to Huskisson and began this successful restaurant.

“I taught my son, Arron for the last five years,” Stephen said. 

“He is half Scottish, half Indian, was born in Australia and went to school in Vincentia – so he is truly local.”

Arron said his father moved to the region to relax. “Sydney was very busy and he would come home at 2am in the morning,” he said. 

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“I have been here since the beginning of Taj Indian. I was 10 years old and drying cutlery and waiting tables for many years.

“I am now also running the restaurant and planning to take over, while also cooking with my Dad.

“My Dad has done a lot of hard work. I help with the bills, manage the stock and the staff and am preparing for when I take over.”

The restaurant is well known for a particular dish.

“Our butter chicken is very famous,” he said.

“It’s northern Indian with a touch of English, so it’s a bit of a mix.

“The butter chicken recipe has not changed since 1983.”

“Our success is mainly due to the food. We also talk to customers and get along with the locals.

“Dad is pretty entertaining with customers and likes to have a joke and a laugh.

“We’re thankful for all the local and community support and people who travelled from all over Australia to eat at our restaurant.”

The restaurant is involved in the local community, and also provides special menus for private functions.

Taj Indian Restaurant is dedicated to serving their customers with a smile and giving them the best food and service experience possible. 

They have many dishes to chose from whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

All of their dishes are enhanced with a secret India-based spice recipe. 

A meal at Taj Indian is a meal you will remember.

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