Bottle collection drive to help children

MBH Training director Sarah Quinton and Samantha Meredith hope people support the bottle donation drive.

MBH Training director Sarah Quinton and Samantha Meredith hope people support the bottle donation drive.

A trip to a zoo can create a long-lasting and happy memories for children.

However, some families cannot even afford to pay for such an outing.

Supported Accommodation and Homelessness Services Shoalhaven Illawarra (SAHSSI) and Women of the Future (WOTF) want children to get more festive joy.

They are collecting refundable bottles to raise money so children, at Christmas time, can go to the zoo.

Collecting 145 bottles will give a vulnerable child a trip to the Shoalhaven Zoo this Christmas and WOTF is asking for help to offer tickets to as many children as possible.

“These children have spent periods of their childhood in situations beyond their control because their world has been upended,” a WOTF spokesperson said.

“Let’s give them something to look forward to this December that will bring joy and happiness with a trip to the zoo and visit from Santa.”

WOTF is asking schools, sporting clubs, businesses and the general public in the Shoalhaven to join in and to collect and cash in, refundable bottles, cans and tetra paks/poppers and donate the funds to SAHSSI.

Donating is easy and just go to and click on home, then donate.

Please write ‘Bottle Muster’ in the comments, so SAHSSI knows it’s for the zoo excursion.

Three women who were and are SAHSSI clients are doing Certificate IV in project management practice under the guidance of MBH Training director Sarah Quinton (pictured), and have taken the project on as a fundraising event.

Shoalhaven Services Manager Lesley Labka hopes the public supports the project.

“It’s so heartwarming to see these girls wanting to give back to SAHSSI and to help other families,” Ms Labka said

Every 145 items collected means one child can go to the Shoalhaven Zoo this Christmas.

The more the donations received, the more children can go to the zoo.

Call the Women of the Future Project team on 4421 8276 or email for more information or about a collection point poster.

About the groups

SAHSSI is a local not for profit specialist homelessness service that helps vulnerable single women and women with children.

WOTF (Women of the future) are a group of past clients of SAHSSI that are completing their Certificate IV in project management practice.

They understand the struggles and obstacles that are placed in front of families, making it hard to treat the kids.

They are organising a fun day out to the Shoalhaven Zoo, including lunch and visit from Santa.