Nowra drunk driver Shaun Barry Brooks, spun wheels as he reversed into police car, jailed for 15 months

A Nowra man who reversed his car into a police vehicle and continued to spin the wheels in an attempt to get away has been jailed.

Shaun Barry Brooks, also known as Logan, 25, pleaded guilty to high-range drink driving, reckless driving and driving while disqualified in Nowra Local Court.

Court papers said Brooks was spotted by police driving a white Ford Falcon west along Worrigee Street in Nowra about 10.30pm on July 13 without its headlights on.

Police said the vehicle was swerving between lanes and cut through the roundabout at the intersection of Stewart Place.

Officers activated their lights and sirens as Brooks’ vehicle travelled between Berry and Osborne street.

Police said as he attempted to turn south into Osborne Street the vehicle struck the left hand gutter.

Court papers said police stopped their vehicle behind Brooks’ car but he allegedly placed the vehicle in reverse and continually spun his wheels while attempting to push the police car out of the way.

As one of the officers called for back-up, another officer managed to turn Brooks’ vehicle off and grab the keys before arresting him.

Brooks produced a positive breath test with an analysis recording a reading of 0.279.

Officers alleged Brooks said, “Just take me to jail now. I know I’m done - can we hurry this up? I know I’m way over. I’m f….d up”.

Court papers said a glass was found in the front of the car along with the inside of wine cask, which was leaking alcohol, on the front passenger floor.

Officers said there was a strong smell of liquor coming from the car.

Court papers revealed Brooks had suffered a recent brain injury.

Magistrate Michael Stoddart sentenced him to 15 months’ jail from July 14, with non-parole period of three months.

He was also disqualified from driving for two years and ordered to have an interlock device fitted to his vehicle for four years.

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