Sports notes, September 10

Lawn Bowls

Berry Men

The draws for the 2018 Club Major/ Minor Pairs, Minor Pairs and Minor Singles have been made and it is hoped that these will be finalised by mid October.

Social bowls on Wednesday 5th September saw Brian Vickary, Lindsay McNamara and Col Good whilst tied on number of ends able to defeat Brian Povey, David Lambert and Nick Nicholls. The pairs matches saw Barry Dunn and Terry Hayes aided by a score of six followed by a five able to defeat Bob Dunn and Mark Power and in another match Rob Folkard and Peter Webb claimed victory over Peter Haddon and Tom Froggatt.

Saturday 8th saw play in an alternate format of pairs with teams playing 10 ends and then the winners playing another 10 ends each as did the losers. The overall winners were David Lambert and Peter Webb with an aggregate score of 21 from 2 wins, Wade Eaton and Nick Nicholls 20 from 2 wins, Bob Dunn and Col Good 17 from 1 win and 1 loss and in fourth position Terry Hayes and Bill Chittick 17 from 1 win and 1 loss both after a count back. All 16 bowlers involved enjoyed the competition of the new format.

Culbura Women

The first round of our Minor Pairs was played last week, and what great games they were !!!! Ruby Salmon and Lorraine Foster had a close and hard fought win over Eliza Gunn and Elaine Turner.  The game between Anne Dwyer and Robin Bryan and Joy Hanneman and Judy Watson came down to the last bowl of the last end.  With the score being 16 all on the 17th end, the final bowls had everyone on the edge of their seats.  Congratulations to Joy and Judy for taking the win by one shot, and well done Anne and Robin for a great game.  The semi finals are scheduled for this week, and if the first few games are anything to go by, we will be watching some great bowls.

Much needed rain meant our Social ladies didn’t get to play last Tuesday, but Thursday proved much better and two games of triples was enjoyed by all.  Winners were Jenny Anderson, Trish Tom and Elaine Turner over Ruby Salmon, Eliza Gunn and Narrelle Wetsteyn, and Margaret Gilchrist, Maree Guilfoyle and Lorraine Foster over Dawn Neville, Carol Blackshaw and Jean Eagleton.

Congratulations to Robyn Herbert who competed in the District Minor Singles last week.  Robyn won her first round game, but unfortunately went down in the second round - well done Robyn !!!.

Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen Men

Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen Men: First round in the Major/Minor Pairs Championship 2018 (from left) Gary Thurston, Peter Smith, Gary Way and Harry Pearce.

Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen Men: First round in the Major/Minor Pairs Championship 2018 (from left) Gary Thurston, Peter Smith, Gary Way and Harry Pearce.

The cold weather was kind to us this week. No rain when we played. Wednesday saw 32 players enjoying an overcast, cold afternoon with a chilly, Northerly breeze. This resulted in a first round match of our Major and Minor Club Championship for 2018, four games of Social Triples and one of Social Pairs. Saturday was an overcast day with a chilly breeze. We had a mixed visit from the Parkes Bowling Club. They brought 30 players and, combined with our 40 players, we managed 70 players making up 1 match of Pairs and 11 matches of Triples. What an afternoon! It was so good seeing that many people out enjoying life. That’s what lawn bowls is all about.

Wednesday 5th Sept with rain during the night the greens were running slowly. Rink 3 observed John O’Dell, Bazza Waters and Allan Furniss crush their opposition by 29 to 13 shots. Rink 4 saw Matthew Goddard, Phill Rimmer and Neil Miller playing immaculate bowls to win the day   by 23 shots to 16.

Rink 9 In our 1st Rd match of the Major/Minor Pairs Championship, Gary Way and Harry Pearce handled the weather conditions with ease and won the match from Gary Thurston and Peter Smith by 24 to 13 shots.

Rink 11 this game of Social Triples saw some magnificent bowling by Greg Morphett, Paul Goddard and Roy Cartledge which won them the game by 26 shots to 19.

Rink 12 enjoyed watching Graham Mills, Bert Watson and Trevor Wright slaughter their opponents by 27 to 16 shots.

Rink 13 The first game of Social Pairs witnessed Allan Morrissey and Graham Eyre play some outstanding bowls to win by 23 shots to 17.

Draw Results: Players Draw won by Bert Watson. 1st Draw Rink 11 Greg Morphett, Paul Goddard and Roy Cartledge. 2nd Draw Rink 3 John O’Dell, Bazza Waters and Allan Furniss. 3rd Draw Rink 9 Gary Way and Harry Pearce.1st Spin Rink 9 Gary Way, Harry Pearce, Gary Thurston and Peter Smith. WON!                                                                                               

Saturday 8th September Rain the night before left both Greens dead. Thanks to our great Greenkeepers, both Greens had been well prepared for this outstanding visit.

Rink 2 Parkes won 20 to 17. Rink 3 Ex-Servo’s won 33 to 12. Rink 4 Ex-Servo’s won 15 to 12. Rink 5 Parkes won 13 to 9. Rink 6 Ex-Servo’s won 26 to 9. Rink 7 Ex-Servo’s won 37 to 3. Rink 9 Parkes won 20 to 15. Rink 10 Parkes won 17 to 15. Rink 11 Ex-Servo’s won 23 to 12. Rink 12 Ex-Servo’s won 21 to 16. Rink 13 Parkes won 18 to 11. Rink 14 Parkes 21 to 13.

During such a fun day it was pleasing to see the matches even at 6 all. This left it up to the shots. Who would win? Ex-servo’s romped home by 235 shots to 173. A great day was enjoyed by all. Draw Results: Winner of the $100 Club Draw: Brad Blanchard (Parkes). 1st Draw Rink 2 B. Fassmon, D. Hudson and D. Johnston (Parkes). 2nd Draw Rink 7 G. Mills, Stella Tucker and Richard Grayson (Ex-Servo’s). 3rd Draw Rink 9 J Thornberry, A. Mackay and B. Blanchard (Parkes).

What’s On : Wednesday 12th Sept Social Bowls payment by 12.30pm. Any Major/ Minor Pairs match. Saturday 15th Sept Mixed Social Bowls Payment by 12.30pm. M/M Pairs matches. Saturday 29th Sept Final of the Club Triples Championship.

Bomaderry Men

Monday’s  monthly pairs was played in awful conditions with a cold wind and repeated squalls coming across the greens, winners were once again the consistent pairing of John Heidtman & Rick Malley with a 2 wins + 35, second was John Lewis & Steve McMahon 2 wins + 16 +1, a close third was Josh Miller & Phil Reynolds 2 wins + 16,  the AM margin was claimed by Keith Beresford & Steve Helson +16, the PM margin was Mario Marsh & Peter Mead +7, the next pairs will be the 1st October.

Tuesday’s Social was won by Harry Griffith & John Black, second was Keith Beresford & Steve Helson, third went to Gerry Webster & JJ Martin, the $400 jackpot spin was by Harry Griffith & John Black which was unsuccessful as was the half spin by Todd Marsden & Peter Drinkwater. 

Thursday’s social results were First Allan Kimpton & JJ Martin second was the triples game of Phil Reid, Garry Thurston & Ray Salway, the $400 jackpot spin was by Willie Sulz & Paul Beavis, the half by Gerry Webster & Pene McDonald both being unsuccessful.

The first round of the club triples saw the combination of Ron Young, Paul Beavis & Gerry Webster defeat Derek Chapman, Peter Drinkwater & Noel Duff 33/12,  The second round played on the Sunday saw Rod Young, Paul Beavis & Gerry Webster prevail over BobBrassington, Terry Masling & Greg Salway 23/11, Todd Marsden, Charlie Francis & Harry Griffith defeated Barry Scott, Brian Fletcher & Chris Rae 26/21, John Keefe, Geoff Swan & Rick McLachlan defeated Greg Tatam, Allan Hiscox & Geoff Tracey 24/23 in a really close game.

The semi finals of the triples will be played on Saturday 22nd with team Webster playing team Griffith while team Helson takes on team McLachlan. Up coming events are our trip to Moxon Sports Club at Canterbury  on Sunday the 16th and at this stage we are still looking for extra’s so everyone would be welcome, the 25th September nominations for the Men’s Committee close so if you are interested in the running of the club please nominate, the 9th October is the AGM of the men’s bowls committee.

Nowra Men

Social Bowls Wednesday 5th September. There were three rinks of pairs and one rink of triples. Winners K McMillan-I Woodgate-C Edwards. Runners up S Ferchow-P Hewat. Jackpot $1200 Not won by W Huntriss-J Hayward. Rink Results: Rink One J Pratt-D Coombes 31 defeated T Gray-D Draper 18. Rink Two W Huntriss-J Hayward 21 lost to S Ferchow-P Hewat 27. Rink Three B Pritchard-P Beavis 25 defeated B McMahon-B Brown 24. Rink Four K McMillan-I Woodgate-C Edwards 21 defeated J Pratt-D Platt-W Toohey 20.

Social Bowls Friday 7th September. We had six rinks of pairs and one rink triples. Winners were B Pritchard-W Toohey. Runners up being R Coulthart-M Mitchell. Jackpot $1200 Not on by B Pritchard-W Toohey. Rink Results: Rink One W Huntriss-C Edwards 17 lost to B Pritchard-W Toohey 18. Rink Two R Jones-W Parnell 5 lost to J Hayward-L Williams 28. Rink Three B McMahon-D Platt 10 lost to T Kinnear-M Snell 21. Rink Four F Larter-A Marquis 17 lost to S Ferchow-T Wright 25. Rink Five K McMillan-P Hewat 13 lost to R Coulthart-M Mitchell 27. Rink Six P Beavis-C Cattell 27 defeated G Chittick-G Lidbetter 12. Rink Seven D Thorpe-R Musgrove-M Keane 25 defeated T Houldsworth-I Biggs-I Woodgate 16

Club Major/Minor Pairs Saturday 8th September. W Huntriss-P Hewat 27 defeated J Hayward-L Williams10. B Brown-D Draper 25 defeated A Scardifield-P Duke 15. S Christison-T Flinn 31 defeated J Ireland-M Keane 16.

Culburra Men

Friday  Social Bowls 7th September 2018. J.Maroulis, Alan Liebert & Mark Englert  22 def 19 Robert Moore, Neil Watson & Roy Cartledge. Danny Nash, John Dallas & Geoff Steinhour 26 def 19 Ken France, Brett Gilligan & Craig McGale. Arthur Hanneman & Lenny Thomas 20 def 9 Ron Shoveller & Laurie Turner.

CONSISTENCY SINGLES  8TH / 9TH SEPTEMBER 2018. Kevin Ryan 150 def 105  Ken France. Laurie Turner  150 def 114 John Slingsby (- 20 ). Grahame Faull 150 def 96 Ron Shoveller. Kevin Ryan 150 def 109 Geoff Newling. Rick Neilsen ( - 20 ) 150 def 137  Arthur  Hanneman. Jeff Brownjohn 150 def 136 Phil Carrett  ( - 20 ). Laurie Turner  150 def 115 Geoff  Steinhour ( - 20 )

QUARTER FINALS  9TH SEPTEMBER. Ian Carre 150 def 144 Rick Neilsen ( - 20 ). Grahame Faull 150 def 135 Alan Liebert. Jeff Brownjohn 150 def 134 Kevin Ryan. Brett Gilligan 150 def 129 Laurie Turner.

SEMI FINALS SET DOWN FOR 15TH / 16TH SEPTEMBER. Jeff Brownjohn  v ( - 20 ) Brett Gilligan. Ian Carre v Grahame Faull .


Shoalhaven Darts Association

Our President Singles have been held for A and B Grade with 26 players turning out to contest the title.

A Grade winner was Phil Reeves and the runner up was Peter Wood. Defeated Semi-finalist was Dave Hogan and Luca Gray. Dave Hogan hit 180 on the night well done.

B Grade winners was John Perrin and runner up was Therese Bournes. Defeated semi-finalist was Gloria Liddicoat and Kristel Kenny.

We also have a winner for our B Grade President Pairs which was held over till now the winners being Barry Tait and Gladys Webster and the runners up being Kristel Kenny and Fran Cruickshank.



Julie Bourke, Judi Puru, and Jan Van Duin, Broulee weekend away 2018.jpg

Julie Bourke, Judi Puru, and Jan Van Duin, Broulee weekend away 2018.jpg

Some Shoalhaven Bicycle User Group rides for this week include:

THURSDAY 13/09/2018 MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE - BELLAWONGARAH; 35 km return / Moderate pace / Some Traffic / Hard / Significant hills / Sealed and Unsealed roads / Bush tracks / Serviceable mountain bike essential / experienced riders only / This Thursday's MTB ride will commence at 8.30AM from Tourist Road, Bellawongarah, near the T intersection with Kangaroo Valley road and cycling to Red Rocks trig lookout. Limited parking approximately 500 metres from the intersection (east side). Bring water, snacks, sunscreen and insect repellent. Coffee after the ride at Berry.  Contact Rod 0428211487

SUNDAY 16/09/2018 - BERRY FOR BREAKFAST; 40 km return / Moderate pace / Some Traffic.  The ride starts at 7:30am from the Nowra Visitors Centre, Pleasant Way, Nowra and will travel along the highway to Berry. After a relaxing breaky in Berry the ride will return to Nowra via Back Forest Road and Bolong road. Other return options include the train or riding back via the highway. Contact: Peter (02) 4446 0119. (Ride Leader; Peter)

SBUG welcomes new riders on all our rides. For details of further rides to be held this week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, check the Rides Calendar on our website at Our rides calendar is updated weekly and occasionally changes are made at short notice so it is recommended that you check the website ride calendar a day or two before an intended ride. For all information about Shoalhaven Bicycle User Group, including our monthly rides calendar, cycling news, photo gallery, on-line membership application and lots more, log onto our website.