Safe Shelter Shoalhaven ready for July 1

Come with us and take a look inside the new facility being built in Nowra for homeless people.

Safe Shelter Shoalhaven spokesperson, Pastor Peter Dover is one excited man.

He just took the South Coast Register on a tour of the new shelter for homeless people in Nowra, which is currently being worked on.

Shoalhaven City Council recently announced it came to an agreement with Bomaderry based Salt Ministries and Safe Shelter Shoalhaven for a homeless shelter to be built in the old Nowra Neighbourhood Centre near Marriott Park.

Take a look at the video to see inside the shelter.

First look inside the new homeless shelter

Volunteers will be needed to help run the facility.

“So if there is anyone out there who wanted to be a volunteer go to Safe Shelters Shoalhaven on Facebook or call us at Salt Ministries on 4480 5028,” Pastor Peter said.

“You can also contact your local church because there are 22 churches getting involved.

“We would love to see you volunteering and it's going to be great because we will have a permanent place instead of short-term solution like last year at the Wesley Centre.

“Last year at the Wesley Centre was awesome but soon we will have a purpose-built building ready and open for us to do what we need to do.”

People can also email to get more information on volunteering and also to find out more about the group’s work with the homeless.