Slight pay rise on cards for Shoalhaven Councillors

Tonight, Shoalhaven Councillors have the opportunity to award themselves a pay rise for the next financial year.

The Local Government Remuneration Tribunal has allowed a 2.5 per cent increase, raising the maximum yearly regional-rural councillor’s fee from $19,310 to $19,790, and mayoral fee from $42,120 to $43,170.

Fairfax Media understands the uppermost rate will be adopted at the Strategy and Assets Committee meeting.

It is not unusual for Shoalhaven Councillors to be on the maximum pay rate –  it has been the practice for a number of years, given the complexities of governing a council in control of major sewerage and water businesses.

Local residents took to Facebook to share their thoughts on the possible pay rise.

“I didn't realise that they got so little considering their workload,” Worrigee’s Jaki Rack said.

“We all may not agree with the result of their decision process, in fact some council works are down right baffling. But only dedicated, motivated individuals put their name forward to take on civic roles.

“So it may be worthwhile paying a suitable fee, if for no other reason than to compensate their families for their absences.”

Denise Dolden’s standpoint was a crowd favourite.

“Volunteer fire fighters volunteer their time, SES people volunteer their time,” she said.

“These people put their lives at risk for others. Their families miss out. Do they get paid?”