Five members bring home nine medals at Karate state tournament

Success: The South Coast Shotokan Karate team at SKIA NSW State Tournament (l to r) Amanda, Edward, David, Jay and Evie.
Success: The South Coast Shotokan Karate team at SKIA NSW State Tournament (l to r) Amanda, Edward, David, Jay and Evie.

Five members from South Coast Shotokan Karate competed at the Shotokan Karate International Australia (SKIA) NSW State Tournament in Sydney last Saturday bringing home nine medals and two state titles between them.

In their very first tournament ever, Jay Hammond and Edward Rajesh were understandably nervous but with some focused coaching prior to their events they both settled down to concentrate on each of their respective events.

Jay performed very well in the under 11 years boys Kata (forms) placing 6th in a large field of junior competitors and then did better in the same age group to take bronze in the boys Yakusoku Kumite (step sparring).

Having the benefit of watching some of the matches before his event, Edward won bronze in the 12-17 years, 10-6th Kyu Boys Kata.

Edward also won gold in the 12-17 years, 10-7th Kyu Boys Kumite, a great effort given most of his competitors were much older and higher grades than himself. 

Evie Rowe recently graded to 5th Kyu which put her into a higher division, the 12-17 years, 5th-1st Kyu Girls Kata and Kumite events so she was also up against opponents much older and higher grade than herself.

This didn’t seem to bother Evie as she went about her business in a focused way by placing 5th in the Kata event and with some very spirited fighting won silver in the Kumite (points sparring) against an older 1st Kyu brown belt opponent so a really good effort on her part.

A special mention goes to assistant instructor Amanda Baker for her solid performance and results at this State Tournament.

Amanda placed third in the Female Kumite (under 60kg) and second in Masters Kata. Amanda then did an outstanding job by winning her first SKIA State Title in the Female Kumite (open weight) division and as a result of her overall performances, she was also awarded Best Senior Female of the Tournament.

Senior Instructor David Rush won the Masters Kata event (his 15th State Title since 2007) and placed second in the Masters Kumite event where the difference between first and third place competitors in both events couldn’t be any closer.

Overall, the five members from South Coast Shotokan Karate performed very well collectively bringing home nine medals from 11 events which is a good effort from the small regional team.

Speaking of his team, David Rush said, “It is not the medals won that I am happy with but the way all of our club members improved on their own previous efforts and particularly the high level of sportsmanship and respect they showed all their opponents that I am most impressed with.

“The great effort our members put into this tournament should inspire our other club members to improve on their own karate efforts, not only in tournaments but also in grading examinations and everyday general training.”

New members are always welcome at South Coast Shotokan Karate, visit or call 0418 977 402 for further details.