Animal Welfare League Shoalhaven Branch needs carers

MORE animal foster carers are needed as a local welfare group is currently overwhelmed by demand.

Animal Welfare League Shoalhaven Branch, due to the current situation with the RSPCA NSW ending its tender at the West Nowra Animal Shelter and not taking any surrendered pets, is swamped.

The animal welfare league is now receiving multiple calls each day with regards to animals that need a home.

All the animal welfare league carers are currently at capacity and the group has put out a call out for more foster carers to assist with the most urgent cases.

If you would like more information on how you can help please call 0429 429 885.

The West Nowra pound, because it’s in a transition period, is not taking any animals.

The situation started to boil late last year when volunteers and staff at the West Nowra shelter were told that the NSW RSPCA would not be putting in a tender to run the new shelter in Nowra Hill being built by Shoalhaven City Council.

The animal shelter management decision will be discussed as a confidential item at Tuesday’s council meeting where the operation options will be determined by the councillors.

It's unclear how many tenders have been put in as high-level items such as this are discussed under confidential closed session.  

However, the animal shelter will not close.  

Stray animals picked up by council rangers are still being taken to West Nowra and rangers are still working on animal control and dog attacks as normal.

They are happy to assist to find foster carers should the animal welfare league be full.

The new animal shelter on BTU Road is scheduled to be completed at the end of the month and the official opening will be in July.