15-year-old guilty to intimidating a student and staff placed on bond

A 15-year-old boy charged with continually entering the grounds of a high school, threatening and intimidating a student and a staff member has been placed on a good behaviour bond.

The teenager pleaded guilty to three charges, intimidating a school student attending school, intimidating a staff member attending school and entering enclosed lands without a lawful excuse.

Court papers said on April 1 last year the youth entered the school during a recess break and threatened another student.

Concerned over the youth's actions, staff locked him in a classroom, where he proceeded to kicked the doors, yelling he wasn’t leaving until he “bashed” the other student.

“I’ll be waiting for you at the gate...I’ll get you,” he screamed.

Court papers stated he also entered the school on July 31, again yelling for the student to come out so he could “bash him”.

He was asked to leave on numerous occasions but refused, only leaving when he was told police had been called.

There was a further incident on August 3, where the teenager again threatened the same student, stating he was “going to get him”.

He was again locked in a classroom by staff trying to defuse the situation.

The youth was told the school would have to call the police, to which he replied, “I don’t care, I’ll keep coming back.”

He was arrested later that day.

The teenager pleaded guilty to the charges in Nowra Children’s Court, with Magistrate David Williams placing him on a six-month good behaviour bond.