Letters to the editor

PIC OF THE DAY: Currambene River at Myola by Louise Habbitts. Submit entries to nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au
PIC OF THE DAY: Currambene River at Myola by Louise Habbitts. Submit entries to nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Power to the people

An open letter to Member for Gilmore Ann Sudmalis:

Please provide an explanation as to why, with our energy bills so high and getting higher, the following is reported.

The so called fat cat boss of the power giant AGL Andy Vesey, has a salary of $6.9 million and his company which supplies us with our energy needs is expected to make a staggering $1 billion profit this year.

How can our energy costs be so high if the profits of the company and associated salary issues are structured in such a way to allow the marketing of our own natural resources in such a fashion as to make such big profits.

It’s worth noting our energy costs are three times as much as Mr Vesey pays in his native US. 

What will you and our PM do in an attempt to lower the cost of our energy needs, that is crippling business and household budgets? 

B. Cumberland, North Nowra

A wonderful place

I have a beautiful photo that I wish I could share of my husband carrying our disabled daughter into the bay for an early morning swim. Sun glistening on the water, which was so calm, with friendly swimmers and dolphins in the background. We have stayed here in the Huskisson Beach tourist park for two weeks every year for the last four years and found it the best place for us to have a holiday.

This year, we even accessed Homecare to give us a helping hand. The ladies were so accommodating and lovely and we thank them sincerely. And the locals were all so friendly. Just a wonderful place.

J. O’Donnell, Milperra 

Dirty coal right here

Perhaps this is old news and common knowledge but it appears that Manildra at Bomaderry use multiple coal fired boilers.

They have gas boilers but these are only used as reserves.

With the current world concerns for climate change it is outrageous that a local company should be generating massive CO2 outputs and ancillary particulates.

The world is rapidly eliminating coal as a source of fuel and here we have our own "homegrown" polluter!

P. King, Tapitallee

Need to drop speed

Kudos for the new playground at the bottom of Hewitt Avenue. But unfortunately the speed bumps do little to slow down traffic in this street, especially motorbikes. 

I would like to see the area outside the playground made 40km/h before a child gets hurt. Let’s not wait until it happens.

R. Worthy, St Georges Basin

Red Cross Calling

Every March for 70 years, thousands of volunteers have made a wonderful contribution to our community during Red Cross Calling. They’ve knocked on their neighbour’s doors, said hello and their combined efforts have raised millions.

I’d like to send a massive thanks to the thousands of schools, businesses, community organisations and our dedicated Red Cross members who’ve answered the call over the years. 

All of that effort has gone a long way, allowing Red Cross to help where we’re needed most; from providing support during and after disasters, to making phone calls to check on the isolated and elderly to helping communities make a better future for themselves. 

Red Cross Calling is more than a fundraiser – it gives us a reason to connect and volunteer for the sake of our community. Research shows that volunteering and helping in our neighbourhoods helps us live happier, longer lives.

Join the fun today: redcrosscalling.org.au or call 1800 RED CROSS (733 276). You can also contact your local Red Cross Branch so you can join their efforts.

J. Broun, Australian Red Cross