Sports notes February 12

Lawn Bowls


Callala men's bowls: Bob Fowler after defeating Eddie Semovente in the second round major singles game.

Callala men's bowls: Bob Fowler after defeating Eddie Semovente in the second round major singles game.

Four games in the 2nd round of the Major Singles were played in hot, windy conditions on Saturday, February 10. Dennis Beazley played Terry Renaud, with Terry leading for the first seven ends.  Dennis took the lead but could only stay a few shots in front until the 16th end, going on to win the round on the 27th end, 32-18.  Pat Ford and Craig Taylor had a very close game over 30 ends.  The score was equal on the 12th, 17th and 20th ends.  Pat slowly drew away to win the game, 31 – 22.  Paul Mitchell and Ron Wilkinson also had a great game with Paul taking the early lead, winning the game 32 – 18, on the 29th end.  Bob Fowler and Eddie Semovente had a tough game with defending champion, Bob winning on the last end by 2 shots.  Pauli Kennedy, Barry Schey and Anthony Fisher travelled to Milton Ulladulla to compete in the District Triples and were successful in both their games over the weekend.  Congratulations to all the players.

The ladies played a great game of triples last Tuesday, February 6.  Terry McMillan (swinger), Bev Young and Lyn Byrne drew with Terry McMillan (swinger), Jan Wright and Dianne Dawes 12 all.  The first round of the Minor Singles is due to start next Tuesday, results next week.

Huskisson Women

Huskisson Women's Bowls: Club singles champion Lynne Noon (winner) and Heather Hart (runner-up).

Huskisson Women's Bowls: Club singles champion Lynne Noon (winner) and Heather Hart (runner-up).

What an exciting match played on 30th January between two very worthy finalists - Heather Hart and Lynne Noon. They both came to the final after winning some very close games so it was a well matched event. The weather was good and all our bowlers & supporters watched on as the game progressed. It was the 5th end it was 5-all and at the 11th end it was 8-all after which Lynne pulled ahead with Heather close behind. By the 28th end it was 22-all.

Both women were bowling sensationally and the heads were consistently tight. They regularly moved the jack strategically to achieve a win so it was a fascinating game to watch with a cliff-hanger finish. The 29th end saw Heather on 24 and Lynne on 22 and it could have been anyone's Championship. Lynne then bowled to a 3-shot lead which saw her win the Championship 25-24. Well played Heather & Lynne. It was a great game and very fitting of the championship final. Congratulations to Lynne Noon on winning the 2018 Club Singles Championship.

Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen Men

Final of the Ex-Servo’s Club Fours 2018 Championship                                                       (from the left) Greg Morphett, Ian Abberley, Bert Watson, Michael Edwards, Ray Solway, Gary Thurston, Les Stuart and John Black.

Final of the Ex-Servo’s Club Fours 2018 Championship (from the left) Greg Morphett, Ian Abberley, Bert Watson, Michael Edwards, Ray Solway, Gary Thurston, Les Stuart and John Black.

Great bowls weather had a good rollup both days. On Tuesday we entertained the Directors of the Towradgi Bowling Club with an evening of Mixed Triples. Wednesday saw 26 players enjoying the warm, cloudy conditions and fast green. One game of Social Triples and five games of Social Pairs were contested. The perfect weather on Saturday saw 27 players enjoying the Final’s match of the Club Four’s Championship as well as two games, one with a swinger, of Mixed Social Triples and two of Mixed Social Pairs. On Sunday we had two teams, skippered by John Edwards and Peter Smith, representing our Club in The South Coast District Bowling Association’s Triples Competition.

Wednesday 7th February a SE breeze cooled the players while a fast green was appreciated. Rink 9 In the game of Triples, Paul Takac, Bert Watson and Roy Cartledge played outstanding bowls to demolish their opposition by 29 to 15 shots. Rink 10 In the first game of Pairs, Alan Furniss and Trevor Wright combined superbly to bring home the sags by 26 shots to 12. Rink 11 The game of the week witnessed Bert Madge and Peter Smith get away to a flier by winning the first 6 ends by 10 shots to zip. Ken Taket and Ray Solway dug deeply and fought back with a 2 and then a fantastic four only to see Bert and Peter extend the lead with a fabulous three. Ken and Ray just wouldn’t lay down and die and responded in the best way possible with a brace of 3’s to be only 2 shots behind at 12 to 14 on the 14th end. Another flurry and Ken and Ray are only 1 shot behind on the 18th end. Not to be denied, Bert and Peter pulled off a fabulous three to be leading by 19 to 15 on the 19th end. On the penultimate end, Ken and Ray kept themselves in the game with a terrific two to be only 2 shot behind. Could they keep up this pressure or would Bert and Peter reassert their dominance? Ken Taket and Ray Solway did keep their concentration and won the end by a whopping 3 shots to win the game by 20 to 19. What a comeback! Rink 12 Saw an excellent game of bowls with Norm Schulz and Michael Edwards playing brilliantly to win by 28 shots to 23. Rink 13 Just back from the cruise ship, John O’Dell with John Edwards played immaculate bowls to trounce their opponents by 24 to 9 shots. Rink 14 This was a harder fought game than the scores imply with Terry Wright and Dooley Gould playing wonderful bowls to overcome the opposition by 20 shots to 13.

Draw Results: 1st Prize Rink 10 Alan Furniss and Trevor Wright. 2nd Prize Rink 9 Paul Takac, Bert Watson and Roy Cartledge: 3rd Prize Rink 14 Terry Wright and Dooley Gould. 1st Spin Rink 13 John O’Dell with John Edwards Not Won. 2nd Spin Rink 10 Alan Furniss and Trevor Wright Not Won.                                                  

Saturday 10th February was a cool and cloudy afternoon with a swirling southerly breeze. The Green was rolling at a medium pace. Rink 8 held the Final of the Club Four’s Championship for 2018. Les Stuart, Ian Abberley, Gary Thurston (subbing for Graham Mills) and John Black got away to a great start by winning the first 3 ends. In tough conditions with a swirling breeze, Greg Morphett, Bert Watson, Michael Edwards and Ray Solway kept their concentration and came back to be crowned the Club Four’s Champions for 2018 by 19 shot to 12. Congratulations mates. Rink 10 This saw a great game of Mixed Triples with Helen Hart, Pat Black and Peter Smith getting up in the last two ends to scrape home by 25 to 23 shots. Rink 11 witnessed the first game of Mixed Pairs with John O’Dell and Tim McCormack playing superb bowls in a fantastic win over their opponents by 20 shots to 17. Rink 12 In the routing of the day, Mathew Rosina (swinger), Alan Furniss and John Edwards slaughtered their opposition by 35 to 9 shots. Rink 13 Rob Ray and Helen Stevens played miraculous bowls to demolish their opposition by 31 shots to 18.

Draw Results: 1st Prize Rink 12 Mathew Rosina, Alan Furniss and John Edwards. 2nd Prize Rink 10 Helen Hart, Pat Black and Peter Smith. 3rd Prize Rink 11 John O’Dell and Tim McCormack. Players Draw: Ray Solway.

Sunday 11th February. In the South Coast District’s Triples Competition both our teams went down. Peter Smith’s team was very close to a win against a far superior team while John Edward’s team was outclassed.

What’s On: Wednesday 14th February Men’s Social Bowls payment by 12.30pm. Thursday 15th February Ladies V’s Men’s Pennant Trails. 0900 for 9.30 start. Club uniform. Saturday 17th February Mixed Social Bowls payment by 12.30pm.   

Culburra Men

Social Bowls – Friday  9th February 2018. Jeff Brownjohn & Colin Wilson 16 def 13 Kevin Dickens & John Slingsby (1st prize lucky rink draw). Roy Burke & Rick Neilsen 19 def 12 Dennis Foster & Brendan Hughes (2nd prize lucky rink draw). Arron Leve , Ron Shoveller & Ian Carre 23 def 19 Danny Nash , Frank Weiss & Alan Liebert  (3rd prize lucky rink draw). Lenny Thomas & Brett Gilligan 19 def 12 Max Ford & Laurie Turner. Ken O'Day & Peter Johnson 17 def 10 Authur Hanneman & Barry Epple. Kevin Ryan, Gary Hastings & Mark Englert 20 def 19 Authur Eagleton, Bob Clifton & Geoff Blackshaw. Grahame Faull, Col Hancock & Richard Grayson 28 def 12 Roy Cartlidge, Neil Watson & Trevor McGuire.         

District Triples 10th & 11th February. 2 teams contested the triples games played at Culburra Beach Bowling Club. Brendan Hughes , Laurie Turner & Rick Neilsen and Geoff Steinhour, Geoff Blackshaw & Jim Hibbert. Both teams won there early games but  then bowed out at the quarter final stage. The semi finals and final will be played at Culburra on Sunday the 25th February starting at 9.30am.

Good luck to all those entered in the club championship pairs starting next Saturday 17th Feb.

Nowra Men

Social Bowls

Wednesday’s Jackpot 3 Bowl Pairs 7th February Winners A Bradley-W Toohey, Runners up I McKinnon-D Platt, Jackpot $1200 Not won by I McKinnon-D Platt. Rink Results Rink 1 B McMahon-R Musgrove-I Woodgate beat F Larter-T Houldsworth-K McMillan 20/18. Rink 2 I McKinnon-D Platt beat S Woodgate-I Biggs 31/16. Rink 4 J Pratt-C Edwards lost to J Haywood-B Hollands 31/21. Rink 5 D Cooper-W Huntriss lost to A Bradley-W Toohey 20/18

Friday’s Jackpot Pairs 9th February. Winners H Fenton-G Legge, Runners up F Larter-C Cattell, Jackpot $1200.00 Won by F Larter-C Cattell. Rink Results Rink 1 B Pritchard-W Toohey lost to K McMillan-P Hewat 24/17. Rink 2 S Ferchow-R Musgrove-R Coulthart beat G Chittick-T Wright-M Keane 20/13. Rink 3 J Ireland-I Woodgate beat B McMahon-D Platt 30/14. Rink 4 W Huntriss-C Edwards beat T Houldsworth-R Pearman 22/13. Rink 5 F Larter-C Cattell beat T Reksmiss-G Maude 21/12. Rink 6 H Fenton-G Legge beat I Jorgenson-C Browne 22/21

Berry Men

In social play this last week Derek Raymond and David Badger recorded eight shots on end 14 and went on to defeat Lindsay McNamara and David Lambert. In an effort to equal this scoring feat Ken Stephens and Peter Webb scored six shots on end 13 and then on the final end of the day missed equaling by scoring seven counters in their defeat of Peter Haddon and Barry Dunn.

Recent matches completed in the Club Major Pairs saw Nick Nicholls and Peter Delamont defeat Russell Tulloch and Terry Hayes 30-17, Ben Watson/ Paul Bezant defeat Wade Eaton/ Lachlan Price 25-14 and Jim Abbott/ Neil Robinson take victory over Steve Kellett and Lindsay McNamara 25-16..

Congratulations have been extended to Geoff Lidbetter and Terry Hayes in winning the State Snr, Pairs by defeating J. Dunn and N. Solomon of St Georges Basin who had earlier defeat the other Berry team of Neil Robinson and David Badger. In the State pairs Adam Rigney and Peter Delamont reached the quarter final.

Members are reminded that the next Triangular Cup match will be played at Gerringong 21st March and names of those available to play are being sough now.

Culburra Women

Last week proved to be a great week for our Ladies. With three teams competing in the District Open Pairs and four teams competing in the District Senior Pairs, Culburra was well represented in this event.  Congratulations to all who took part – the event was very competitive, and everyone put in a great effort. A huge congratulations to Marilyn O’Day and Helen Neilsen who took out the win in the Senior Pairs for our District. Their final was a great game with lots of supporters cheering our girls on – well done ladies on a great victory.

Social ladies enjoyed their games also, with Tuesday winners being Annette Barry and Judy Watson over Ruth Joannou and Gail Scott, Lynne McKee, Joy Hanneman and Trish Bailey over Maree Guilfoyle, Ruby Salmon and Thelma Cooley, and Jenny Anderson, Anne Dwyer and Betty Oldfield over Dawn Neville, Margaret Gilchrist and Narrelle Wetsteyn.

Thursday winners were Margaret Gilchrist (swinger), Robin Bryan and Elaine Turner over Margaret Gilchrist (swinger), Trish Tom and Joy Hanneman, Eileen Hunter, June Jones and Sandra Annetts over Carol Blackshaw, Trish Bailey and Jean Eagleton, and Marea Challender, Thelma Cooley and Lorraine Epple over Carol Turton, Narelle Wetsteyn and Judy Watson.

This week sees a number of Culburra teams competing in the District Open and Senior Pairs


Shoalhaven Tennis

Tuesday ladies Day Comp:  Topaz defeated Aquamarine 4 sets 29 games to 2 sets 23 games, top scorers Judith on 21 and Leonie & Anne on 16. Opals defeated Garnets 4 sets 29 games to 2 sets 23 games, top scorers Debbie on 22 and Karen on 16. Citrine defeated Peridot 4 sets 31 games to 2 sets 22 games, top scorers Jill on 25.

Tuesday Night Mens: Yellow defeated Gold 6 sets 49 games to 3 sets 43 games, top scorers were Gavin Brown on 20 and Col S on 15. Blue defeated Silver 6 sets 48 games to 3 sets 39 games, top scorers were Marcus B on 19 and Peter G & Troy W on 17

Thursday Night Mixed: Division 1 Federer defeated Murray 4 sets 34 to 2 sets 28, top scorers Ray Bell on 19 and Ben Weir on 17. Tsonga defeated Nadal 3 sets 31 games to 3 sets 26 games, top scorers were Geoff Lashford on 18 and Markus Tarrant on 18. Kyrgios defeated Wawrinka 3 sets 34 games to 3 sets 30 games, top scorers were Col A & Brooke on 18 and Geoff White on 20. thanks to Ray, Col and Harrison for subbing. Division 2: Queen defeated Led Zepplin 5 sets 33 games to 1 set 24 games, top scorers were Patrick & Jack on 19 and Barry on 14. Black Sabbath defeated Abba 5 sets 35 games to 1 set 22 games, top scorers were Sharon on 19 and Oscar on 13. The Beatles defeated The Doors 3 sets 30 games to 3 sets 27 games, top scorers were Andrew & Tegan on 17 and Sandra on 17.


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