Inaugural Huskisson parkrun a success

A SEA of people, all with smiles on their faces, took part in the inaugural Huskisson parkrun on Saturday January 13.

Elite athletes lined up with novice runners, families took part in this healthy activity, friends exercised together and a few dogs also went for run.

The five kilometre run started at White Sands Park, headed towards Moona Moona Creek and most of the runners still had smiles on their faces when they finished.

Parkrun is a non-competitive event and aims to encourage people to get out and exercise.

Huskisson parkrun director Yasmin Lindenberg was pleased with the first run and hopes the event will continue to attract heaps of runners.

It will now be held every Saturday from 8am at White Sands Park, Huskisson.

Watch the video below to see what Yasmin thought about the first event.

Huskisson parkrun director Yasmin Lindenberg

Seasoned runner approves of parkrun

Local resident Graham Smith knows a lot about athletics events.

He has run the Sydney to Surf 22 times, been a member of the Nowra Athletics Club for years and he lined up for the inaugural Huskisson parkrun on Saturday.

Here are his thoughts on the event and parkrun concept.

“I enjoyed it and thought it was very well run,” Mr Smith said.

“I think it (parkrun) is terrific and I hope they can keep getting volunteers because that is always a hard thing.

“However, if they can rotate them (the volunteers) around and some run one week and the others work that week then I think it will continue to go well.

“The crowd was fantastic but I don’t how many people are here and that bunched start was very good.

“It was good thinking from the organisers to do it while it’s holiday time and get the vibe going.”

He likes the non-competitive nature of parkrun.

 Graham Smith

Graham Smith

“The idea is that you can run a few kilometres and walk the others or run it all at a slow pace,” he said.

“The only thing I was worried about was that the officials could had gone by the time I got back but they were still here.”

Sea of happy runners

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