Sydney Girls' champion rower scores ticket to Harvard

For most year 12 students, the HSC is a time to pare back the extra-curricular activities.

But for Sydney Girls' High School student Georgia Bradley, her love of competitive rowing has scored her a ticket to Harvard.

While many of her classmates were probably hitting snooze on their alarms, Georgia was up at 4:30am before school most mornings to get to rowing training at the Sydney Rowing Club.

A dedicated student, Georgia juggled HSC trials and 12 rowing sessions a week with studying for the Australian medical admissions test (UMAT) and the US college admissions tests (SATs).

"It was definitely very hard and there were a lot of sacrifices I had to make. I'd probably have a maximum of two to three hours of study time in the afternoon," Georgia said.

"I constantly had to tell myself 'this is possible, you can do it'. It was very much that I had to keep that mindset, otherwise I would just collapse."

Despite her busy schedule, Georgia excelled in the HSC. She made the NSW All-Rounders List with band 6 or E4 result in all her courses, and ranked fifth in the state in economics with a score of 97.

She received her offer to study at Harvard on Wednesday, where she has been recruited as a rower for the university team.

Georgia started rowing for Sydney Girls' in year 7, but decided to join the Sydney Rowing Club and take the sport more seriously around age 15.

In 2017, she rowed for NSW in the under-21 team, won the Betty Bowen Memorial Trophy, and served as sports prefect at school.

"I love rowing because I think it was just the first sport where I really found your hard work directly translates into results; it's not so much dependent on natural ability, but on the ability to work hard," Georgia said.

Sydney Girls' High principal Andrea Connell says Georgia is "certainly going to be up there" as one of the most impressive young women to graduate from the top-performing selective girls school.

"She is an extraordinarily disciplined and committed young woman," Ms Connell said.

"Her training schedule during the rowing season in term one and term four ... and travelling every day during rowing season from the rowing shed at Abbotsford to the eastern suburbs and getting here to school by 10 to nine every morning is not something a lot of young people could manage."

Georgia wasn't the only student from Sydney Girls' High to shine in the HSC; the school ranked fourth in the top 10 school in the 2017 NSW HSC.

Georgia says that, while torn between science and humanities, she plans on majoring in economics and politics in the US.

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