Berry Show winner to launch solo exhibition

After cleaning up at Berry Show earlier this year, Greg Vale is set to host his own exhibition in Kiama. 

Greg won the ribbon and cash prize for the most successful exhibitor in the pavilion. 

His entries included art, photography, craft, woodware, flowers and garden. 

“To achieve the overall winner prize was a very gratifying experience,” he said. 

From November 24 to 29 he will host a solo exhibition featuring his most recent artworks. 

Included will be many of the winning items from the craft and art sections of the 2017 Berry Show.

“The show generated much interest in my winning entries and I hope I will get to meet and greet many of those who showed interest in my work in Berry this year,” Greg said. 

The exhibition will be held at the Fire Station gallery, Terralong Street, Kiama.