Backburning continues down at Jervis Bay


THE conditions on the fire front out at Booderee National Park/Jervis Bay remains calm as backburning operations condition.

The backburning operations are taking place along Jervis Road with a strong crew of firefighters involved.

So far no infrastructure has been lost at Booderee National Park and campers/visitors were evacuated yesterday.

The park will remain closed until Monday at this stage.

Booderee park rangers are continuing to patrol the park and are ringing people with camping bookings to cancel.

Booderee crews have been assisting the Rural Fire Service (RFS) to fight the fire and on Thursday night their main concern was the Green Patch area but things have since settled.

Property owners like the owner of the Jervis Bay village shop Damian Erwich say the firefighting crews are wonderful - see video.

Residents says firefighters did well

Today (Friday) Booderee crews today were out protecting the Murray’s Beach wharf.

Around 650 hectares of bush has been burnt and investigations into the cause of the fire are ongoing.

The Federal Police and the RFS are conducting the investigation.

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