Low rainfall Nowra’s saving grace in extreme winds

Picture: Jonathan Carroll
Picture: Jonathan Carroll

Shoalhaven residents have emerged relatively unscathed from a few days of turbulent winds.

At worst, in Worrigee a rogue trampoline blew into a neighbouring property, damaging tiles, and a tree fell onto the roof of a home in Ann Street, Nowra, damaging the tiles on the roof.

Nowra SES was called out to 18 jobs since Thursday, far less than expected according to spokeswoman Jacquie Gilmore 

“We were extremely lucky, I cant believe it, in winds like that we normally have about 100 calls,” she said.

“We haven’t had a lot of rain, and gum trees have shallow roots, so they tend to fall if the ground is soft.”

The Shoalhaven experienced vigorous westerly winds on Friday, associated with a low pressure system over the southern Tasman Sea.

Winds turned south-easterly on Saturday and will remain gusty, between 35-50km/hour along the coast as the low pressure system moves further east.

The wind is predicted to turn light on Sunday afternoon.