Court told Nowra woman was going to 'stab' brother

A Nowra teenager has allegedly told police she intended to kill her brother with a 30 centimetre shard of glass during a domestic dispute.

Renee Truffet, 19, faces a charge of being armed with intent to commit and indictable office, two counts of common assault and destroying property following an alleged domestic incident at Bainbrigge Crescent address in Nowra around 9.30am on June 9.

Police were called to the property after the teenager’s father and brother reported the alleged assault.

Court documents said the alleged incident stemmed from an argument over a cup of coffee and a cigarette, with a yelling match escalating into a physical confrontation in which Truffet slapped her brother across the face with an open hand.

It is alleged the father stepped into the altercation, slapping his daughter and telling her to “back off”.

Court papers said all three were involved in a wrestle before the brother was pushed into a window, causing it to smash.

The brother went outside to wait for the police with Truffet allegedly throwing a chair into a bedroom wall, kicking and punching the wall and a bedroom door.

When police arrived the younger man allegedly ran towards officers saying, “She’s crazy, she’s got a knife. She’s gonna stab me”.

Moments later Truffet was allegedly seen running from the driveway with a 30 centimetre shard of glass in her right hand.

Police had to twice order her to put the glass down before she eventually dropped it on the roadway.

Police said she was showing signs of mental health issues, but made admissions of assaulting both men, allegedly saying, “I was gonna kill the c..t, kill him!”

Magistrate Gabriel Fleming continued Truffet’s bail. She will reappear on July 28.