Sports notes


Nowra Darts

Results Round 11

Division One

Mohawks Defeated Kookaburras 7-4: Pat Duke was best player for Mohawks with four finishes,3 x 100, 121, 4 x 140 and the ultimate high score of 180. Well done Patrick. Dulcie Ward had four finishes, 100 and 117. Matt Goozeff also played great darts and bagged himself another beaut 180. Stacey Flentjar threw the high score of 133. Therese Bournes was best player for Kookaburras with three finishes  and Barry Tait had two. Hank Baxmann top scored with 140.

Pirates Defeated Husky 6-5: The early three two lead from Pirates was just enough to get them home in a close one after the singles were shared three games each. Ray Cattermole led the team well with five finishes, 5 x 100 and 2 x 140. Peter Wood also had five finishes, 2 x 100, 138 and 140. Emily Delauney had one finish. For Husky, Peter Vider, Georgie Hansen and Kaylene Hackett had three finishes each and Peter and Georgie threw the high score of 140.

The Bangers had the bye. Point score: Pirates 18-72 : Mohawks 16-82 : Husky 14-70 : Kookaburras 12-54 : The Bangers 10-58

Division Two

Cherokees Defeated Meerkats 9-1: A great team effort from Cherokees with Bim Stewart, Kay Dowell, Gloria Liddicoat and Lynda Economos all having four finishes with Kay also having scores of 5 x 100, 114 and 140. Bill Eales top scored for the men with 121. Meerkats best player was Tony Lane with two finishes and 2 x 100. Nat Sadler had a finish, 100 and 140. Robert Wakeling top scored for the men with 125.

Camels Defeated Phoenix 8-3: Trevor Green was Camels best player with five finishes, 2 x 100 and 140. Megan Stewart had four finishes and Clancy Orlando top scored with 140. Peter Godfrey also threw the high score of 140. Phoenix best player was Matt Craig with three finishes, 2 x 100, 125 and 132. Jodie Armstrong and Tracey Lymbery had two finishes and Denis Boon top scored with 135.

Coyotes had the bye. Point score: Cherokees 10-66 : Camels 10-58 : Phoenix 6-44 : Meerkats 0-44 and Coyotes 0-26.


Shoalhaven Tennis

Tuesday Ladies Tennis Results: Crysanths Cruisers defeated Sherry's Shakers 8 sets 48 games to 0 sets 21 games. Top scorers were all Cruisers on 24 and Barb C on 13. Thanks to Kerry for subbing.  Kaye's Crackers defeated Phil's Flashers: 4 sets 37 games 4 sets 32 games. Top scorers were Lyn  & Barbara N on 22 and Phyllis & Jill on 21

Wednesday Night Ladies: Siamese defeated Abyssinian 6 sets 30 games to 0 sets 5 games, top scorers were all Siamese on 16 and Sonya on 4, thanks to Laraine for subbing. Russian Blue defeated Ragdolls 5 sets 27 games to 1 set 15 games, top scorers were Nicole & Sandra on 16 and Phyllis on 12.

Country Pennant: Wandeweghr defeated Dimitrov 6 sets 42 games to 2 sets 26 games. Top scorers were India on 18 and MattB on 11. Thanks to Aten for subbing. Venus defeated Serena 4 sets 31 games to 4 sets, 27 games. Top scorers were Ros on 14 and Sam D on 18, thanks to Byron for subbing. Wawrinka defeated Federer 5 sets 31 games to 3 sets 33 games, top scorers were James on 18 and Phil on 18, thanks to Matt G for subbing

Thursday Night Mixed:  Division 1 Greyjoy defeated Targaryen 5 sets 38 games to 3 sets 31 games, top scorers were Mark B on 20 and Michael T on 20. Tyrell defeated Stark 5 sets 43 games to 3 sets 31 games, top scorers were Anil on 24 and Markus on 19. Division 2: Octopussy defeated Skyfall 4 sets 39 games to 4 sets 36 games, top scorers were Jake & Oscar on 20 and Natalie on 20, thanks to Marie & Mark for subbing. Goldeneye defeated Dr No 6 sets 45 games to 2 sets 34 games, top scorers were Ian & Blake on 24, and Megan & Natalie on 19.


Shoalhaven Netball Association

Round 5 results, 13th May, 2017

9/10 A  REB Rascals 5 d NNB Lake David Holiday Accommodation  2, ST Westpac 33 d NNB Coast Allied Health 1, JB Wildginger Bluebottles Bye.

9/10 B  REB Ratbags 1 d REB Rugrats 0, ALB Fantastic Furniture Cubs 7 d ST South Coast Site Rentals 2, ALB Callala Cellars Meerkats 13 d JB RAMS Home Loans Clams 0.

11/12 A  JB Bonsai at the Bay Waves 29 d ALB Fantastic Furniture Tigers 17, NNB Beds ‘R’ US 50 d ST Husky Bakery 1, NNB Kangaroo Valley Kayaks Bye.

11/12 B  ST 11/12 B Jayco Nowra 25 d JB Huskisson Automotives Seals 15, LB Hit & Run Larks 32 d NNB North Nowra Vets 6, REB Rubies 42 d NNB SkelScaff 1, JB SPAR Sussex Inlet Starfish Bye.

13/14 A  ALB Greenwell Point Bowling Club Minx 27 d LB Centre Butcher Ravens 7,ALB Son –Line Concrete Pumping Cool Cats 48 d NNB Bomaderry Sheetmetal 13, JB Bonsai at the Bay Swordfish 51 d JB Elk & Willow Stingrays 11.

13/14 B  NNB The Athlete’s foot 43 d ST G Force Charges 18,ST Actew AGL 31 d LB Logo Shack Sea Eagles 26, JB Bay & Basin Animal Hospital Penguins Bye.

15/17 A  JB Steve Purse Automotives Dolphins 50 d LB Kohli’s Hawks 46, NNB Budget Curtains 66 d NNB Shoalwelding 40.

15/17 B  JB Bay & Basin Animal Hospital Kingfish 25 d JB Nowra Mazda Fantails 20, ST Wrights Chainsaws 39 d JB Shoalhaven Gas Crayfish 22, NNB A C Layers 35 d St White 33.


Division 1  LB Jet Locksmith & security 51 d SNA 15’s 37, NNB North Nowra Tavern 47 d LB Integrity Real Estate 46, JB Hunt Removals Barracudas 50 d JB Wildginger 34.

Division 2  NNB South Coast Security 42 d ST DIV 2 28, ALB Panthers 39 d LB Shelley Hancock MP 30, ALB Jaguars 37 d Gems Choices Flooring 18, REB Ragers Bye.

Division 3  NNB Adanes Furniture 26 d JB Walsh’s Plant Maintenance Breakers 22, ALB Leopards 46 all draw with JB On The Bay Maintenance Dugongs 46,  ST DIV 3 53 d JB Optimum Automotive & Towing Seagulls 33, ALB Pumas 55 d ALB Cheetahs 29.

Division 4  ST DIV 4 46 d Gems South East Radiology 26, LB Luscious Body Beautiful forfeit win d Rebels Ravens forfeited, ALB Cougars Bye.

Division 5  JB 13 Crowns Custom Tattoos 43 d LB Bomaderry Bowling Club 25 , Gems The Tav 52 d ST DIV 5 27. 


Nowra Athletics 

Round 5 of Nowra Athletics cross country competition was held at Longreach on Saturday 6th May. It was another fine sunny afternoon, perfect for running. First across the line in the 1km was Emily McLaren followed by Darcy Greenhalgh and Lacey Baker. In the 2km Division 1 was taken out by Cameron Harrison. In second place was Tynan Caswell and in third place was Lila Pratt. Meanwhile Division 2 was won by August Penny with Lexie Burinaga and Katie Martin second and third respectively.

In his season debut for cross country Cam Musgrove claimed line honours in the 3km Division 1 course. Joanne Flood was second and Jai Holland was third, clocking the fastest time over 3kms as he crossed the line in 11.06 minutes. Poppy Tay was the fastest female with 12.34 minutes as she crossed in 10th position. In Division 2 Zarlie Dyball was the victor with Sharyn Bryce in second place and Darlene Musgrove was third.

Medium course Division 1 was claimed by Jesse Buckham whilst Daniel Wells was second with the fastest time of 21.08 minutes. In third place was Alex O’Brien. Division 2 winner was Lucas Johnson with Darren Morris second and Dean Bryce third. Rae Thomson won Division 3 Medium course with Alex Arnold second and Geoff Crook, fresh from his recent holiday ran in third. Rumer Williams ran the quickest time over the medium course, recording 23.14 minutes.

Over the long course it was Damian Smith who made it home first but it was Matt Lewis who clocked the fastest time in 33.34 minutes. Matt crossed the line in third place after Peter Khourey.Once again the fastest female in long course was Elisha Bell who ran home in 40.42 minutes, finishing 8th. Division 2 saw Ming Leung take the 50 points for the win, followed by Natasha Toms in second place and Rebecca Cooper in third.

Next Saturday’s run will be held at Timberhills for the Bill McKinnon Memorial Run. As usual, first event kicks off at 2.30pm. Don’t forget State Cross Country Relay Championships are coming up and teams need to be decided. If you are interested in running please see Mel Mustapic or Peter Dooley.

Nowra Athletics conducted Round 6 of the Winter Cross Country competition on Saturday 13th May at the picturesque Timberhills course. The round also served as The Bill McKinnon Memorial Run. In the 1km race Emily McLaren took line honours with Ben Maher running in second and Harry Waterer coming third.

Hot on Harry's heels was Elsie Procter followed closely also by Noah Dyball and William Anderson. 

In the 2km event Cameron Harrison was the winner of Division 1 with Roxi Florance placing second and Thomas Duncan was third. Running the fastest over 2kms was Hamish McLaren in 8.22 minutes in fifth place whilst Bethany Dobson was the fastest female in 8.57 minutes placing sixth.

In Division 2 Elizabeth Davis was the winner whilst Katie Martin was second and Macarthur Davis was third.

3km Division 1 was claimed by Kingsley Smith. Matthew Higham clocked the fastest time over this distance in 12.04 minutes as he crossed in second place and Kieren Harrison was third. Poppy Tay ran the fastest female time in 13.32 minutes with a ninth placing.

In Division 2 it was Tennille Wallis who took home the points for the win with Alastair Urquhart second and Darlene Musgrove third.

Rhys Flood was the first across the line in Medium course, winning Division 1. Darcy Hopkins was second and Jai Holland ran in third. Byron VanDyk was the quickest in 19.00 minutes and training partner Rumer Williams was the fastest female in 21.02 minutes.

Lucas Johnson was the taker of Division 2 with Darren Morris second and Dean Bryce third. Division 3 was won by Alex Arnold with Megan Fitt in second place and Gavin Urquhart in third.

Graham Anderson must have responded to son Will's cheering, and stormed home to take the win in Long course Division 1. Peter Khourey ran in second  followed closely by Kim Dobson.

Elisha Bell ran in ninth clocking the fastest female time of 43.36 minutes whilst Troy Whittington showed his very strong form to clock the fastest time of the day over long course with a time of 36.19 minutes.

Division 2 was taken out by Ming Leung with seasoned runners Milton Cox and Rob Woods running in second and third respectively.

Next week cross country will run at Willandra on Saturday 20th May with the following week seeing teams travel to Miranda for the cross country relays.