Nowra prison guard jailed over contraband scheme

South Coast Correctional Centre.
South Coast Correctional Centre.

A guard who agreed to smuggle contraband including pills and David Beckham aftershave into a Nowra prison is now behind bars himself.

Scott Duncan Moreland, 45, told police he was in ‘‘dire financial trouble’’ when he agreed to act as a conduit between the outside world and a South Coast Correctional Centre inmate, who was taking orders from other prisoners for drugs and other forbidden items.

Moreland helped fill those orders through meetings with the inmate’s brother on the outside, according to a fact sheet tendered in Sydney District Court, and was rewarded with bundles of cash.

But the scheme - which appears to have gone unchecked for months - was uncovered in July 2014 after a tip-off and an undercover sting ended with Moreland submitting to a strip search in his own boss’s office.

Judge Colin Charteris last month sentenced the Shellharbour prison officer to four years’ imprisonment on charges of supplying a prohibited drug and corruptly receiving a benefit.

Among the contraband investigators found in Moreland’s possession or in his home were 150 tablets, which Moreland believed to be ecstasy, along with prescription drugs, just over a gram of ice, and a bottle of David Beckham aftershave.

A search of Moreland’s bedroom also turned up thousands of dollars in cash.

‘‘When questioned as to why he had agreed to smuggle the drugs and contraband into the prison he stated that he was in dire financial trouble and had committed the offences to pay outstanding debts,’’ the fact sheet said.

‘‘He stated he was in financial ruin and the temptation to obtain the financial benefit was too great to resist.’’

Moreland will be eligible for parole in July next year.