Kingfish and jewfish out and about

GIANT CATCH: Glenn Godwin with his Jewfish caught on Seven Mile Beach last Friday.
GIANT CATCH: Glenn Godwin with his Jewfish caught on Seven Mile Beach last Friday.

IT funny how things can change so quick in fishing.

Last week it was all about bluefin, fishermen were asking about where the fish were, and everyone was on a high.

But after a pretty quiet weekend with only a couple of fish caught we are all soon brought back to reality.

I am not saying the bluefin run is over, it is more likely than not the fish will turn up tomorrow somewhere.

Just be ready to drop everything and go.

Richard Holt in his own boat Quickdraw was one of the lucky ones on Saturday to catching a fish of 103.2 kilograms.

The Bluefin may have gone quiet for now but suddenly everyone is talking kingfish and jewfish.

The big winter hoodlum kings have finally shown up in close around the cliffs with fish up to 31 kilograms being taken in the last week.

Currarong Bombie is also producing quality fish and Jervis Bay, if the fish are not already there, would well be worth a go in the next few days.

In the last week both the river and beach have produced jewfish with the river packed with school size fish and the beach turning up some better quality fish. The Canal and Shoalhaven Heads are the hotspots in the river, and on the beaches Seven Mile is number one.

Now normally fresh or live bait is preferred off the beach, but not always necessary as Glenn Godwin found out on Friday night.

His fish was taken on a whole pilchard on a set of 3/0 gangs with the bait lasting a whole three minutes in the water before the fish hit.

The fish in the river are being taken on soft plastics which comes as no surprise.

I hope we have more magic winter’s days like last Sunday.

I went for a squid fish down Jervis Bay with my fiancé Leslee with not much success.

The squid are more on the northern side of the bay around long beach and Callala from what I have been told.

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Remember, whatever you do in life do it well.

Johnny out.