A local list we loved

A fun and affectionate story about what makes Nowra, well, Nowra, has attracted a spectacular number of page views for a single story on the South Coast Register’s website.

Register journalist Dayle Latham put together a pictorial list of what makes us smile about our town and its people.

The result attracted more than 300,000 page views on the Register website, as well as an avalanche of likes, shares and comments on our Facebook site.

Dayle reported that creating her list of the 31 things “you know you’re from Nowra when you know”, was a lot of fun. 

“I started with some internet research on Nowra landmarks and quintessential things about the town,” she said.

“Then I put the call out to colleagues and got some great stuff that way. 

“It was lighthearted and poked fun, but in an affectionate way I hope. 

“I was struck by how well it was received. “Overwhelmingly people’s comments were positive and nostalgic. So that was lovely to see.”

Some of these comments included one from Steven Clarke, who says you know you’re from Nowra “when you refer to the spot where the airplane use to stand, I still give directions using that landmark”.

Many readers remembered dancing the night away at the Shoalhaven Tourist Centre back when it was a nightclub while a mishap on the giant slide at the Shoalhaven Zoo is clearly a badge of honour for some long term locals.

The comments weren’t restricted to Nowra residents.

Peter and Cate McGrath said, “not local but been there enough to visit family to nod knowingly at quite a number of these!”

On facebook “Peterhobit” remembered the famous hamburgers of Junction Street: “Ahhhh, the hamburgers being made with cabbage, now that takes me back, they were the best, and also you used to get fried rice from Leongs Chinese in a big cardboard box.”

“Fishtails” said “the rocket ship in the park brings back great memories, but I was always too scared to climb to the top. It seemed a long way up!”

Digital editor for Fairfax South Coast, Kim Treasure, said the  listicle was among the most popular content across all newspapers in regional Australia last week.

“I think Dayle hit the spot with her list – it was something everyone from Nowra could relate to,” Ms Treasure said.

“While we strive to bring our readers all the hard-hitting news as soon as it breaks, we also like to have a bit of fun and the popularity of this list shows our readers appreciate it.”

As we went to press Tuesday, the Register was on the brink of welcoming its 5000th Facebook friend with a growing audience turning to us for breaking news across the Shoalhaven. 

If you missed the listicle, you can find it on our website at southcoastregister.com.au

You know you’re from Nowra when:

You’ve been on the slippery dip at the Shoalhaven Zoo. And you’ve injured yourself on it. And you call the zoo the animal park.


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