Close game between Banshees and MACK

WELL, the top five teams in the Pioneer Tenpin Bowling League competition have a lead of 14 1/2 points of the rest of the other teams.

Thunderbirds were the biggest winners of the round as they toppled In It to Win It to be equal third with that team, though Nutters still lead the competition as they defeated Nohopenhells.

Second placed The Niners had a 10-all draw with fifth placed Spicks and Specks.

Results of round 25 were:

Nutters 14 1/2 points defeated Nohopenhells 5 1/2 points

For Nutters, Isaac Riley had all over average games of 155, 179, 172 for a 506 series, Chloe Jenner also had all over average games of 117, 109, 113 for 339, Colin Riley had games of 109, 128, 142 for 379, while Jody Jenner had games of 139, 129, 91 for 359.

For Nohopenhells, Steve Edmonds had games of 123, 131, 94 for a 348 series, Brett Sanson had games of 131, 86, 110 for 327, Craig Robinson had games of 90, 140, 91 for 321, while Matt Whitehurst had games of 101, 106, 77 for 284.

The Niners drew with Spicks and Specks 10-all

For The Niners, Leiland Friend had all over average games of 201, 190, 169 for a 560 series, Ron Timbs had games of 136, 154, 186 for 476, Bob Doyle’s absent score gained them two points, while Glenn Pollard took out the wooden spooner of the round award bowling 53 pins under average in his games of 157, 176, 99 for 432.

For Spicks and Specks, Trevor Boyd had all over average games of 149, 135, 150 for a 434 series, Les Robinson had games of 222, 167, 141 for 530, Val Dinnie had games of 102, 111, 136 for 349, while Neil Hawes’ absent score picked up two points.

The Pin Heads 12 1/2 points defeated Bitches 7 1/2 points

For The Pin Heads, Shantelle Flynn had games of 141, 102, 98 for a 341 series, David Hart had games of 84, 96, 126 for 306, Terrie Walsh had all under average games of 124, 132, 119 for 375, while the vacant score gained them two points.

For Bitches, Julie Nicholls had games of 144, 127, 120 for a 391 series, Ingrid Sach’s absent score gained  them two points, Ann McCudden’s absent score gained them half a point, while Debbie Pickering took out the wooden spooner of the round award bowling 41 pins under average in her games of 103, 156, 118 for 377.

Powerpins drew with The Deadly Assassins 10-all

For Powerpins, Glenn Cleary had games of 158, 170, 129 for a 457 series, Matthew Tranter had games of 128, 113, 82 for 323, Grant Wellard had all under average games of 80, 102, 97 for 285, while Adam Royston’s absent score picked up two points for them.

For The Deadly Assassins, Chris Purches had games of 153, 136, 101 for a 390 series, Hal Johnston had games of 130, 108, 179 for 417, Peter Speller had all under average games of 98, 126, 111 for 335, while Cara Cooper’s absent score picked up three points for them.

Thunderbirds 15 points defeated In It to Win It 5 points

For Thunderbirds, Carl Henderson took out the star bowler of the round award bowling 56 pins over average in his games of 113, 187, 124 for a 424 series, Les Collins had all over average games of 132, 127, 125 for 384, Sue Collins had games of 122, 159, 145 for 426, while Kathleen Morgan had games of 121, 88, 125 for 334.

For In It to Win It, Cameron Arnold had games of 128, 128, 163 for a 417 series, Adam Richardson had games of 98, 117, 82 for 297, Lyn Carter had games of 105, 83, 98 for 286, while Glenn Corbett had all under average games of 162, 140, 158 for 460.

The Screaming Banshees defeated MACK 11-9

For The Screaming Banshees, Joanne Boler took out the star bowler of the round award bowling 50 pins over average in her games of 163, 109, 107 for a 379 series, Siretta Dawson had games of 130, 141, 160 for 431, Robyn Quigley had games of 133, 96, 91 for 320, while Debra Pypers’ absent score gained them one point.

For MACK, Robin Quintrell had games of 181, 144, 174 for a 499 series, Ashleigh Miller had games of 84, 93, 113 for 290, Margret Gardiner had all under average games of 96, 106, 108 for 310, while Cheyne Pons’ absent score gained them one point.

The 200 plus club award games were by The Niners’ Leiland Friend with a nice game of 201 and Spicks and Specks’ Les Robinson had a great game of 222.

Well done to Leiland and Les.

How the competition table stands after round 25 of Pioneer League: Nutters 277 1/2, The Niners 268 1/2, In It to Win It 266, Thunderbirds 266, Spicks and Specks 263 1/2, MACK 249, Nohopenhells 249, The Deadly Assassins 245, The Screaming Banshees 234, Powerpins 227 1/2, Bitches 211 1/2, The Pin Heads 203.

Well, before I sign off may I remind bowlers and readers the league is still looking for a player for The Pin Heads’ team and you don’t need to be a good bowler to play as it is based on handicap.

The league is also looking for more teams of four players as this competition ends in 11 weeks.

So talk to your friends and organise for the next competition, as it is only $21 for three games plus money to be won on the first game, also five meat raffles to be won and great music to listen to while you are bowling.

Well, that’s all for now bowlers and readers, so until next time good luck and high scoring.

Les Collins.


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