Track will host national events

THE $15 million multipurpose motor racing complex will provide the area with a quality track able to host racing at a national standard.

Motorcycling NSW general manager Daniel Gatt said the complex would have between a 2.5km and 3.5km road circuit which will cater for both cars and bikes.

While motorsport racing will be the complex’s primary role it will also provide a venue for a host of other activities such as driver and rider training, educational school-based activities and a variety of other activities or events such as car club meetings and jamborees.

“Complexes such as this are multi-use – actual motorsport often makes up only a small percentage of its use,” Mr Gatt said.

“Other complexes are used for a variety of activities – be it pushbike riding and racing, walking, even cross-country running events.

“The facility will also have the ability to host community events and activities.”

As part of the development Motorcycling NSW will also take over the operation of the Nowra and District Motorcycle Club’s Yerriyong Complex.

The complex has been run by volunteers for 30 years.

The local club has 2500 members and attracts around 40,000 people per year to use the motocross and other facilities.

Mr Gatt said part of the proposal was for an upgrade of the motocross complex.

“We will be providing a host of facilities including a new clubhouse, off-road enduro tracks, a speedway bike section and a junior training facility,” he said.

The proposal will also provide better access to the Braidwood Road facility.