Fairfax Regional Media is home to Australia's most engaged and valuable regional audience.

Our digital network of over 200 websites and apps offers much more than just newspapers online, attracting nearly 2.5 million people across Australia each month*.

Our brand is our advantage
Each website is tailored to the needs of a local community, building on long-trusted brands.

Comprehensive coverage
We cover every aspect of the reader’s life from local news and sport through to key classifieds such as cars, real estate and jobs.

Access to a hard-to-reach audience
Our network offers access to a unique, niche audience.

Fully-integrated solutions
We deliver fully integrated advertising solutions across print and digital.

For more information on advertising solutions, contact us today!

For local advertising enquiries or help with any questions you have about our publications please contact:
Freddie Simon
(02) 44219123

For Classified enquiries, contact:
Jennifer Rae
Classified Supervisor
(02) 44 219100

For Domain enquiries, contact:
Nick Beale
Advertising Consultant
(02) 44219123

* Nielsen SiteCensus, March 2012