Ag & Earth's PrimeTech PT-175 forestry mulcher will clear land easily and fast

QUICK WORK: Ag & Earth's PrimeTech PT-175 forestry mulcher is a popular piece of machinery for hire. Photo: Supplied
QUICK WORK: Ag & Earth's PrimeTech PT-175 forestry mulcher is a popular piece of machinery for hire. Photo: Supplied

Ag & Earth's PrimeTech PT-175 forestry mulcher has been in high demand on the South Coast of NSW after the recent bushfires.

The mulcher has been a popular machine for hire to assist with clearing fire-affected areas, even in the most demanding conditions due to its high-class performance and stability. The PT-175 is designed to conduct light to medium duty forestry work and has a large scope of field applications, says Ag & Earth director Gary Dunlop.

"This particular forestry mulcher stands out due to its dimensions, which enables it to work on sites with width restrictions of less than 1750mm," he explained. "Its remote control technology allows it to operate in dangerous conditions and on very steep slopes so that it can perform uphill, downhill and sideways, without putting the operator at risk."

The PT-175 is used mainly for vegetation management, clearing undergrowth, cutting and eliminating bushes and shrubs, and for cutting seismic lines. The mulcher can also be used for wildfire prevention and management by eliminating small leafy plants, fallen or rotten trees, and other fuel sources that can increase heat intensity.

Ag & Earth customers have discovered the many benefits to using a forestry mulcher to clear their properties over traditional methods. "Forestry mulching is a much faster and more efficient method for clearing the land that our customers prefer," Mr Dunlop said. "Rather than cutting, burning or hauling away debris by hand and reducing the need for more equipment on the job site."

Forestry mulching also allows the process of land clearing to be done more carefully and selectively, resulting in less impact on the land. "Using a mulcher is one of the most environmentally friendly methods that can be used to clear the land," Mr Dunlop said. "The mulcher is designed to shred up all types of vegetation, leaving behind a natural 'mulch' which is good for the eco-system and helps to preserve parts of the landscape." Forestry mulching can also be used to prevent erosion of the soil through a top layer of mulch, which keeps it in place and helps to protect and fertilise the plants that remain.

Hiring equipment has become a popular solution for those who fear the rising cost of purchasing machinery and making a long-term investment in an unpredictable market. Thankfully, Ag & Earth acknowledges that buying heavy equipment can be expensive, especially when a lot of clients are seeking out single or seasonal-use only. "Our equipment is manufactured to high-quality standards, from well-known brands that you can rely on for strength, durability and flexibility," Mr Dunlop said.

Ag & Earth is a trusted, family-owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience in the agricultural industry. The company specialises in hiring out agricultural, construction and forestry equipment on a daily, weekly or long-term basis and delivers up and down the east coast of Australia.

For more information or to make an inquiry, phone Gary Dunlop on 0417 260 618.