Shoalhaven Animal Welfare's pets of the week

When we think about adding a new feline friend to the family, the first thing that comes to mind is often a kitten.  

However, the Shoalhaven Animal Welfare suggests older cats should really be top of the list and here is a few reasons why.

Older cats have finished growing so you will know exactly what you are going to get.  

Kittens can change quite dramatically in the first few months so that fluffy kitten you think is going to look one way can quite often end up looking very different to expectations.

Kittens are just like kids and full of energy and mischief.  

Older cats have been there and done that and are more often happy to just hang out and be loved.  

If you are working of a day an older cat will be happy to just sleep the day away till you get home rather that finding mischief to amuse itself.

Older cats won't break as easily.

Although we have the lovely image of young children cuddling with their new kitten in our heads, the reality is that very young children can quite easily badly injure and scare kittens.

Not only is an adult cat better able to cope with being picked up and carried around, you can also find out if they will enjoy or tolerate this before you purchase.  

Adult cats get forgotten in rescues.

While rehoming kittens is fairly straightforward, finding homes for adult cats is far more difficult and often they will sit waiting for months on end for a new owner to adopt them.  

Shoalhaven Animal Welfare League currently has three beautiful adult cats that have been in care for quite some time and would love to find a home to finally call their own.  

Asha is a beautiful female grey and white with heaps of personality and plenty of spunk.

Mia is a female tortie and one of the most friendly cats we have ever had. She even has the patience to handle young children.

Tidda is a super soft grey tabby and white female with the most beautiful eyes.

All three girls would love to more from foster care to a loving permanent home.  

They are all desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, vet checked, wormed and flea treated.  

If you would like to find out more about one of them please give Shoalhaven Animal Welfare a call on 0429 429 885.