Councillors to vote on Bangalee Motel upgrade in Berry

Shoalhaven City Council staff have recommended councillors approve a motel development in Berry. 

The $800,000 upgrade to the Bangalee Motel would see 16 new units built on nearly one acre of land.

If approved, the two-storey development would reach a maximum height of 9.93m.

The owners plan to keep existing motel facilities, including 10 units, a pool, laundry facilities and the administration office.

The application has been called into council for determination to due “significant public interest” in the matter.

The application attracted 108 submissions to council – one in favour and 107 in opposition to the proposal.

“This ugly, concrete, monstrous new building is out of character,” Berry’s Hania Norman said via a submission.

Julia Woinarski of Broughton Vale shared Hania’s concerns.

“It seems an overdevelopment for the site, and detrimental to the entrance into Berry, with regard to the off-ramp, and even more shocking from Tannery Road,” she said.

“Berry is a small village - this large-scale motel design would be more suited to Goulburn or Nowra.”

Berry residents Maurice and Sylvia Pepper shared similar sentiments.

“We believe that, because of its unique location at the entrance to Berry, it is important that any such a development add to the streetscape not detract from it,” the Peppers said via a submission.

“Our concern is shared by everyone we speak to in Berry.”

Berry is a small village - this large-scale motel design would be more suited to Goulburn or Nowra

Broughton Vale's Julia Woinarski

Council staff have concluded the proposal is not considered unacceptable, objectionable or warranting refusal. 

Staff recommended its approval citing the following reasons:

  • The proposal is consistent with the relevant environmental planning instruments and the Shoalhaven Development Control 2014
  • The proposed will not have an adverse impact on heritage items or heritage conservation areas near the subject site
  • The development is compatible with the surrounding development and provides a positive contribution to the landscape character of the area and streetscape of Queen Street and Tannery Road.
  • The height, bulk and scale of the proposed buildings is satisfactory and consistent with the existing development on the site and surrounding development.
  • The car parking provided on site and traffic movements associated with the ongoing operation of the site are satisfactory and meet council’s and relevant Australian Standards.

The Shoalhaven Local Area Command said police have no issues with the application as long as the applicant commits to installing CCTV cameras and lighting outside the perimeter of the building, car park, stairs and balconies

Councillors vote on the matter at the development committee meeting in Nowra on Tuesday night.

If approved, the applicant will need to apply for a construction certificate to start the development.