Frantic Antics release their debut single ‘Wake Up’

Fractic Antics' Max Lans, Ben Lans and Tully Dennis.
Fractic Antics' Max Lans, Ben Lans and Tully Dennis.

IF you haven’t heard of Frantic Antics yet, that’s all about to change, as the Shoalhaven based band have just released their first single.

Making the accomplishment for the three-piece band, made of Berry’s Max Lans, 17, Ben Lans, 14 and Tully Dennis, 15, even more incredible, is the fact they have only been together for four months.

“Ben and I have been busking since I was aged nine to about 15,” Max Lans said.

“But then I thought we were getting too old just to do busking and I said to Ben that we needed to start doing this seriously.

“Before we did that, we needed to find a drummer and Ben suggested his mate Tully [Dennis].

“We then hit up Tully and after listening to him for only a couple of minutes, he blew me away and the rest is history.”

In that short time, the trio, who all attend Nowra Anglican College, have spent an extensive time in the studio, trying to put together their debut single ‘Wake Up’ – which was released to the world on July 22.

“After practising at school for a bit, Tully mentioned that his dad [Ronny] had a recording studio,” Max Lans said.

“So I invited Ronny to come and listen to one of our jam sessions and within listening to our first song, he said on the spot he’d record us.

“We then spent close to two months in the recording studio, trying to get ‘Wake Up’ right.

“The hardest thing we found was the fact you really have to be switched on for the 20 minutes you’re recording, but we’ve got our heads around that now.

“It also took a while to get used to Ben’s harmonies with the double layers, but we’ve got that down pat now.”

The song is based on the idea of what all adolescences go through – once they finish school and all the real world responsibilities they must take on.

“What the song is really about is a day in the life of me,” said Ben Lans, who wrote the song.

“It’s kind of an insight into what I do and think about on a regular day.

“What we have right now is a pretty rough version – we still have a lot of work to do, but we're hoping to get the fully completed song out next month on iTunes and Spotify.

“For now, we're just trying to get our music out there.

“We absolutely love the support we're getting and it's great to have so many people in the community get around it.”

Since its release, the song has featured on Triple J’s unearthed station, highlighting the popularity of it.

“I can’t believe how quickly the song has spread – it’s been mental,” Max Lans said.

“This is only the start for us though, as we will get back in the studio soon to work on our LP (long play record) and our first album – we have big dreams.

“To get there, we intend to play a number of live local gigs, with our own original songs in the near future.”


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