Emergency – what emergency?

Rescue services responded to reports a boat was sinking off Kioloa after striking a whale on Wednesday morning, only to find those on board happily fishing when they arrived on scene. 

Marine Rescue Monaro Regional Operations Manager Glenn Sullivan said an onshore informant “believed he saw a flare let off” in the area and raised the alarm.

A Maritime Service vessel and a Marine Rescue NSW unit responded to the call shortly after 9am on July 11. 

“When Marine Rescue and a Maritime Services vessel arrived on scene, they went to the vessel and the skipper was able to produce the flares he had on board, which were in date. He had not let off any flares,” Mr Sullivan said.

“The other three boats in the area were also checked and Marine Rescue was stood down.”

No one was injured or needed assistance, he said.

Although this incident was a non-event, Mr Sullivan urged the public to remain vigilant and report incidents to emergency services. 

“The person did the right thing in calling for help,” he said.

“I would encourage the public to remain vigilant and report something if you see it. You may be the only person who has seen it and can raise the alarm. It allows us to investigate and respond.”