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Speak to the experts: The earlier an injured person and their family speaks to RMB Lawyers the better, as often there is a time limit for claiming.

Speak to the experts: The earlier an injured person and their family speaks to RMB Lawyers the better, as often there is a time limit for claiming.

Compensation can sometimes have an unnecessary negative connotation. If you know a person who has been injured (often due to the fault of another) you will quickly understand how important being compensated is for the life of that person and their family.

Another way of looking at it is, “a financial remedy awarded to an individual who has sustained an injury, in order to replace the loss caused by that injury”.

The word that goes with compensation for injury is “damages”; physical harm that impairs the value, usefulness or normal function of something so damages is a sum of money claimed or awarded in compensation for a loss or an injury.

Many clients don’t know if they are eligible for compensation and what is available to them. Also they don't know that they have insurance policies attached to their superannuation that might protect them.

RMB Lawyers works across all forms of personal injury compensation law and has an expert team of 20 people who work exclusively in these complex areas of law.

Injured people need medical help and medical help is expensive. Compensation helps support the Medicare system where there is a party at fault so the impost is not on the wider community. Importantly it helps injured people to regain some of their self-esteem and quality of life.

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“The outcome of a successful compensation case is the injured person getting the maximum that they deserve,” Craig Osborne, managing partner of RMB Lawyers said. “Insurance companies are big organisations with significant resources such as employees, lawyers and power while injured people are individuals who are often financially poor - a David versus Goliath battle.”

 A ‘no win no fee’ at RMB Lawyers gives the injured person the opportunity to have a skilful, hard working, conscientious legal team fight for them against a very strong party, free of charge unless they win.

It is also important to note though that in some cases if an injured party loses their case they have to pay about two thirds of the insurer’s legal costs so expert lawyers with significant experience and specialisation are the best people for the job.

“Book a no obligation consultation with a member of our experienced compensation law team members, such as James Watt and Alison Carter at RMB Lawyers,” Mr Osborne said.

“RMB Lawyers has an outstanding reputation for caring for people and having high level skills to negotiate complex rafts of government legislation (Acts of Parliament) and case law (decided Court cases).

“The care factor for RMB Lawyers is significant. We see that our role is to assist a client in difficult circumstances, to get the best outcome they can achieve and to help them be as good as it can be.”

What you can claim

Personal injury compensation: workers compensation, work injury damages cases where employer is negligent, motor accidents, occupiers’ liability - injuries due to the negligence of property owner/occupier, total and permanent disablement through super, products liability, medical/negligence, assault causing injury and damage, and aircraft accidents.

Why you need this

Injured people are often limited in: what work and activities they can engage in, how they enjoy their life, their personal relationships, varying levels of pain and losing mobility – all contributing to a low self esteem and often a lowered quality of life.

Compensation doesn’t fix people’s lives but helps them to make the best of difficult circumstances. It assists with paying rent or mortgage, basic household expenses and sometimes modifying a home.