Shoalhaven Animal Welfare League's Clip ‘n’ Snip day

The Shoalhaven Animal Welfare League will be holding a Clip ‘n’ Snip day on Saturday June 16 at the Interchange Building 37 Holloway Road, near Park Road, Nowra East.

There will be free microchipping for all dogs and cats.

However, there will be a nominal fee of $20 for microchipping of litters.

Vouchers for discounted desexing fees of $50 per-cat and $100 per-dog will be available to use at participating vets.

To qualify for discount de-sexing voucher the owner of the animal must be a current pension or health care card holder.

Animals must also be microchipped to qualify and so please bring your animal on the day to confirm its microchip status.

Cats will be seen from 10 am to 11.30 and they must come in cages - cages are available for loan and call the number below.

Dogs will be seen from 12pm to 1.30pm and must be on leads.

For more information contact the Shoalhaven Animal Welfare League on 0429 429 885.