Council introduces new recycling charge for commercial quantities

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In a bid to prevent charges to the general public, Shoalhaven City Council will charge businesses that recycle a commercial quantity of low-value recyclable materials.

Businesses will pay $100 per 100kg to recycle amounts of soft plastics, hard plastics, polystyrene and glass greater than a cubic metre.

The new charge will be implemented on July 1.

“We’re in the education phase with commercial operators,” Shoalhaven City Council Works and Services manager Tony Fraser said.

“One or two businesses have expressed concern, the objective of the charges is to maintain the service for domestic users.

“The whole of Australia has been affected by a change in the overseas market, recyclable products not as valuable as they were before.”

A local businessman told Fairfax Media that council’s tip workers feared the implementation of the new charge.

“Council workers at various tips are worried about the abuse they’re about to cop,” the businessman said.

Council advised there are ongoing support mechanisms for waste services staff.

There will be no change to the free kerbside collected recyclables service.

While residents continually push for household green bins, a service council does not provide, Mr Fraser welcomed the community to comment on the matter.

“Our updated waste reduction strategy will go on public exhibition, residents will be given the opportunity to comment on it,” Mr Fraser said.