DA approved, sad day for Heads holiday park tenants

Shoalhaven City Council has approved the development application which will see a holiday park transformed primarily into a retirement living complex.

The development application for Coastal Waters Holiday Park at Shoalhaven Heads was approved on Wednesday.

Allswell Communities will convert 108 short-term sites into 60 long-term sites.

Holiday park tenants, who will be forced to leave, were furious about the determination.

Tenants took to the community page they had set up on Facebook to air their grievances, some deeming it “an injustice” others, lost for words.

There were 500 submissions lodged in objection to the development.

An industry expert on the community page said they’d never known an application to receive such a huge public objection and not be referred to a council meeting for determination.

Council ruled the overhaul would have no economic impact on local businesses.

Council also said the bush fire risk for residents could be adequately mitigated by implementing certain measures during construction, such as increasing local access to fire hoses.

Regarding effects on existing van owners including inadequate compensation, council ruled it to be not a relevant planning consideration.

Some residents had argued the park is owned by a Queensland-based company and thus profits will go interstate, and council also deemed this to be an irrelevant planing consideration.