Macarthur man fined $500 for being over the limit while operating boat

A salutary warning for those who like to hit the water in a boat and also enjoy a couple of beers.

If you have too much to drink you will get caught as a 45-year-old Macarthur man has found out.

The man was stopped by police for a random breath test while driving a boat in Berry’s Canal in the Shoalhaven River not far from Greenwell Point on April 7.

The man, who was in charged of a 4.3-metre aluminum runabout with a 30 horsepower engine, returned a positive breath test and later a breath reading of 0.07.

He was charged under the Marine Safety Act of operating a vessel with a low range of prescribed alcohol.

He told police he had drunk four stubbies of beer while fishing.

In Nowra Local Court this week he pleaded guilty to the charge with Magistrate Gabriel Fleming fining him $500.

In NSW blood alcohol limits are 0.00 for operators aged under 18 years and 0.05 for those over 18 years.

When engaged in tow sports, alcohol limits apply to drivers, observers and everyone being towed.