Letters to the editor

PIC OF THE DAY: Len Stallan snapped this rock formation on the south bank of the Shoalhaven River. Send photos to john.hanscombe@fairfaxmedia.com.au
PIC OF THE DAY: Len Stallan snapped this rock formation on the south bank of the Shoalhaven River. Send photos to john.hanscombe@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Feds should contribute

Construction of the Berry to Bomaderry upgrade of the Princes Highway is excellent news for road safety. 

Too many people have been killed due to the inadequate road design of the Princes Highway: there have been 10 road fatalities in the past 18 months.

A painted line on the road surface is the only protection from head-on crashes at present and that is grossly inadequate.

To prevent these crashes, the solution is a physical barrier to separate traffic flowing in opposite directions.

The Liberal state government is taking positive action to provide another long section of “divided dual carriageway” that will prevent fatal head-on crashes. 

This highway deserves federal government funding so that more of the Princes Highway can be upgraded.

Our lives depend on it.

L. Read, Figtree

Appalling behaviour

I was appalled at the behaviour of certain councillors at last Tuesday’s council meeting. A proposal was put up by Cr Pakes that the council outlay $400,000 for a new station for the Broughton Vale/Berry Rural Fire Service. He stated the federal Government would also allocate money if Shoalhaven City Council contributed $400,000. A wonderful proposal. Each councillor stated that the RFS do a wonderful job and deserved a new station. However, those who spoke against the motion were against it solely for fiscal reasons. They stated the council did not have $400,000 and that the budget is already in a huge deficit. The discussion could have been held in an orderly and respectful fashion. But no, the likes of Crs Pakes and Watson decided they needed to yell and denigrate those speaking against the motion. They tried to loudly make out that those not supportive of the motion were against supporting the RFS. The rudeness and condescension displayed by these two supposed adults was unbelievable. If these two “gentlemen” don’t know how to have a respectful debate perhaps they should go back to school and join the debating classes. In the meantime, learn some manners or keep quiet.

There was no doubt in my mind that every councillor around the room would have loved to grant the money. However, some councillors are justifiably concerned that if they agree to every proposal, they will run out of money. These councillors are keenly aware they are tasked with the important and difficult job of trying to get the balance right between maintaining what we have and spending on new projects. The same councillors who were advocating for the RFS also argued against any rate rises. How do they think council can afford all the proposals they keep bringing up and maintain our roads and sports facilities?

It was good to see there was a large contingent from the RFS present. I’m sure they could see the dilemma facing councillors and would not have been impressed by the rude behaviour displayed some of the councillors advocating for them.

L. Imhof, North Nowra

Go ahead, print it

Last year, the dairy industry attempted to ban the use of the word "milk" for plant-based drinks like soy and almond milk. We pointed out that, if accuracy is their goal, their bottles should be labelled "a mammary secretion of animals for the nourishment of their young".

Now, the Cattle Council wants to ban the word "meat" from vegan products that look like animal flesh but are clean, cruelty-free and better for our health. They want the law changed to define meat as "coming from the flesh of a slaughtered animal". We hope they’ll print that on every package – they’ll will win our campaign for us.

Very soon, clean meat grown from stem cells in the laboratory without any animals being tormented and slaughtered will be widely available.

D. Bellamy, PETA Australia