Roadworks begin in Bomaderry and Huskisson

 The old bridge over Moona Moona Creek. A new pedestrian bridge would be a lot safer. Photo: Google Maps
The old bridge over Moona Moona Creek. A new pedestrian bridge would be a lot safer. Photo: Google Maps

Long vehicles driving through Bomaderry will have a wider section to turn onto Bolong Road once planned roadworks are complete.

Shoalhaven City Council has announced it will begin works on the Bolong Road and Meroo Street intersection roundabout on Monday, May 28.

Council plans to infill the old garden section in the middle of the roundabout by extending the concrete apron and constructing a new kerb. 

“This will provide long vehicles a wider pavement section to negotiate the turn onto Bolong Road towards the east and make it a safer turn for drivers,” a council spokesperson said.

Traffic control will manage all vehicles travelling through and around the works, in particular long vehicles so minor delays may be experienced at various times throughout the works.

Large vehicles may be directed by traffic control to the opposite side of the road as they come through the roundabout, a spokeswoman said.

The works are scheduled to be complete by June 4 dependent on weather and subsurface conditions encountered during the works.

Council has also started work on the Moona Moona Creek pedestrian bridge with the project expected to be completed in late July.

Works on the sea wall extension are underway based on tidal movements. The piles and bridge beams are being manufactured off site, and installation of the piles is planned in the coming weeks, a council spokeswoman said in a media release.

To make the July deadline, the bridge works have been granted extended working hours, including weekends, but will depend on weather and tidal conditions.

Works will be undertaken in accordance with the recommended standard hours set down in the Department of Environment and Climate Change interim construction noise guidelines on the basis that the project will minimise truck and machinery operations and only light works will take place.

The hours run from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday.

Additional hours will be requested to complete the project to include work on Saturday from 7am to 5pm, and 8am to 4pm on Sundays. 

Council has completed a letterbox drop to advise affected residents of units adjoining the work site, as well as advertising on council’s website and in the relevant papers.

Any comments on additional hours of operation for this project can be directed to council on 4429 3409 or email