Letters to the editor

Bus just a Band-Aid

PIC OF THE DAY: Cameron Rouse caught sundown after a day's fishing at Greenwell Point. Send photos to john.hanscombe@fairfaxmedia.com.au

PIC OF THE DAY: Cameron Rouse caught sundown after a day's fishing at Greenwell Point. Send photos to john.hanscombe@fairfaxmedia.com.au

I refer to your article ‘Kiama to Bomaderry bus service to run for another year’ (Friday, May 11).

This state government and its representatives of Kiama and the South Coast have again ignored what is truly needed on the South Coast rail line, especially between Kiama and Bomaderry

They keep lauding on that the bus service is a win for commuters, denying repeatedly it’s a Band-Aid solution to a long term transport problem on the South Coast rail line.

We have no improvements, regardless of what this government says. Commuters have seen a loss of frequency of trains for this section, resulting in gaps in the timetable. Buses may fill some of the gaps on a Monday to Friday, but come the weekend and public holidays buses do not run to fill these gaps.

Regular commuters will plan which train they catch, but tourists and visitors who are not familiar with the timetable will be caught out on the platform at Kiama, with up to an hour or more wait between trains. Good look for the Shoalhaven and the South Coast.

But the problem doesn’t end there, when they arrive into Bomaderry, especially on a weekend or public holiday, they could find they are stuck as some buses to certain areas and villages do not run.

Unions Shoalhaven have been speaking with commuters who travel regularly on this line and a great majority of them would like to see the rail line go over the bridge and down the coast. What a great investment this would be for the Shoalhaven and the South Coast. 

The FIX IT NOW campaign is focusing on building better, safer roads from Yallah in the North to the border of Victoria. The Princes Highway Corridor Strategy lists in its vision, support for public transport connectivity between lower Illawarra and South Coast.

Both these objectives can run together. Public Transport can complement our roads, giving commuters an option to travel safely and in comfort to the destinations they want to travel to. Not all the population wishes to travel by car from further down the South Coast, up to Bomaderry, Wollongong or Sydney. They shouldn’t be left out of the equation, when deciding on the transport requirements for the South Coast.  

It’s time we moved into the 21st century with our transport needs. Our areas are expanding, population growing, but the infrastructure required to meet this growth is sadly lacking and no one seems to have the foresight or commitment to plan, budget and get what is needed, done.

Unions Shoalhaven will continue to fight for the upgrade of public transport, especially between Kiama and Bomaderry on the South Coast rail line and for the areas beyond.  

P. David, Unions Shoalhaven

Speed cameras needed

Well, the federal budget was a typical cynical Liberal affair with nothing in it for a highway upgrade.

So, Ann Sudmalis, we know you “don’t give a rats”, but how about some urgent funding for point to point cameras and fixed speed cameras between South Nowra and Ulladulla?

You know, something useful from you while we wait for Fiona Phillips and Labor to take over.

G. Miller, Little Forest

Budget helps the rich

I would like to thank Ann Sudmalis, Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison and Matthias Cormann for their consideration of the environment, science, unemployed and pensioners in the recent federal budget.

It makes for an easy choice when the next federal election comes about, as the difference is stark when any form of social benefit is required. 

Looking after those earning $200,000 and above is easier than any consideration for those on $50,000 or less.

A. Stephenson, Nowra