Community resistance may stall Heads holiday park upheaval

With Shoalhaven City Council poised to approve the redevelopment of a Shoalhaven Heads caravan park into a retirement village, Shoalhaven councillors are prepared to step in and advocate for community members affected by the upheaval.

The community has rallied against the project.

It is understood council has received 500 written submissions in objection to the redevelopment.

Many submissions, form letters and petitions, were lodged during the public notification period, all objecting to the proposal. Some people made a number of submissions. 

Recently community members have petitioned councillors to call the matter before council.

Shoalhaven Cr Mitchell Pakes said he is willing to do so, as he believes the development is not in the public interest.

It is understood Cr Nina Cheyne, also opposed to the development, has concerns about the cost of fighting a losing battle in the Land and Environment Court.

If the development is not approved, either by councillors or staff, the developer has the right to appeal the matter with the Land and Environment Court.

This could cost council tens of thousands of dollars.

The land does not need to be rezoned, as the application is to convert short term sites to long term sites.

If a group of older residents lives there, it doesn’t need to be characterised as a senior’s living development according to state law. 

The change, if approved, will happen in stages starting in 2018 and being completed in 2020.