Letters to the editor

PIC OF THE DAY: Boat ramp at Booderee National Park, by Dannie & Matt Connolly Photography. Submit photos via Facebook or email emily.barton@fairfaxmedia.com.au
PIC OF THE DAY: Boat ramp at Booderee National Park, by Dannie & Matt Connolly Photography. Submit photos via Facebook or email emily.barton@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Road work questioned

In Carrington Park we are currently having road repairs carried out.

A week ago a letter was sent to all residents advising of this and repairs were maintenance, filling cracks in the surface, etc.

The road to start with was Carrington Park Drive.

The contractor is now resurfacing the whole road with a thin layer of small stone. There was previously a hot mix surface, which was one of the better roads in Nowra.

There are far worse roads in Nowra – for instance, the road past the police station heading towards West Street Oval.

The contractor has been in the area for two to three months and comes from Windsor. There are nine workers staying in the area, currently at the Archer Resort. Meals go with it.

Where is the sense, leaving us with a small layer of metal with the sealant (tar) coming through the surface?

This is not the council saving money, but abusing their authority to decide what should be done.

K. Baker, Nowra

We must fix it now

As a resident and businessman of Milton I have long been concerned about the state and design of the Princes Highway, particularly south of Nowra.

This stretch of road is notoriously dangerous and sadly, we have seen many lives lost in tragic accidents.

On Boxing Day 2017 we lost five lives, only a few weeks later another two lives were lost.  The road is littered with the deeply distressing roadside memorials of those we have lost.

As a member of a this community, as a father and as a concerned citizen I cannot and will not accept this appalling loss of life. And I am far from alone in my anger.

The #fixitnow campaign calls on both the federal and state governments to fund improvements to the Princes Highway with the highest priority.

I add my voice to this call, demanding this funding be provided on the same basis, and with the same urgency, that was provided for the Pacific Highway in 1996.

The upgrade of the Pacific Highway was made without it being a “road of significance”. It was also funded on an 80/20 basis with the federal government providing the Lion’s share of 80 per cent.

The Pacific Highway road improvements are due to be completed in 2020.  We demand action NOW.

The #fixitnow campaign will be announcing a number of meetings and rallies in the near future. I  invite my fellow community members to join me in demanding action via a commitment from the federal government to fix our road. Until they act, the tragic loss of life will continue.

G. Schultz, Milton

Electoral liability

With the PM Malcolm Turnbull digging his heels in after passing the 30 losing polls mark it’s time for the Nationals to stand up for regional Australia.

A much chastened Barnaby Joyce fired the first shot across Turnbull’s bows by demanding he reconsider his position if the polls worsened. 

There is no disguising the mantra from many a dissatisfied Coalition backbencher that energy security and immigration policy could be the wedge that makes the difference between Labor and the Coalition policy.

Turnbull, it would appear, is indicating he is having none of it so the message must be sent to him that they will have none of him as their leader. Dutton has positioned himself beautifully and is gaining support for a tilt at the top job. The challenge must come quickly and the Nationals are the sleepers in this issue. 

Turnbull is an electoral liability and if not removed will be responsible for ending many a political career.

B. Cumberland, North Nowra