Letters to the editor

PIC OF THE DAY: A humpback whale frolics at Crookhaven Heads. Photo by Jai Goodwin. Submit entries to nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

PIC OF THE DAY: A humpback whale frolics at Crookhaven Heads. Photo by Jai Goodwin. Submit entries to nicolette.pickard@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Station location

The location of the (yet to be built) Berry Ambulance station as described in the South Coast Register on May 31, 2017: “The new station will be located on land bordered by Kangaroo Valley Road and North Street.

“It will be virtually directly opposite where Huntingdale Park Road joins Kangaroo Valley Road”.

Unfortunately, the building site no longer cuts the mustard. The location has been swallowed up by a large roundabout and on-ramp rerouting Kangaroo Valley Road travellers onto the newly built Princes Motorway.

Where to now?

J. Macleod, Berry

Not that smart at all

I’m disappointed to see the rollout of a suite of so called SMART shark drumlines along the coast from Shellharbour to Ulladulla.

The NSW Government is pushing ahead with a six-month trial of SMART drumlines along the South Coast despite no evidence of any change to the risk of shark bites in NSW waters. In fact, anecdotally, the expanded program is creating an inflated perception of the risk of shark-human interactions and creating unnecessary fear. The risk of shark bite remains infinitesimally small.

The Greens have supported targeted trials of SMART drumlines for scientific purposes and the trials on the North Coast have been promising with important data on shark behaviours being collected and very low by-catch and mortality rates of caught sharks.

The widespread expansion of SMART drumlines is more about spin than an effective shark deterrent measure – which they are not – and gives the community a false sense of security. SMART drumlines also require expensive monitoring and without that monitoring will inevitably kill sharks and other marine life like they do in Queensland.

South Coast locals are already shark aware and overwhelmingly reject the idea of shark culls and unnecessarily harming marine animals. Sadly the NSW Government is continuing to pursue a shark management strategy based on fear.

A much better use of these funds would be on more resourcing for life guarding services or investing in genuinely non-lethal shark management approaches including more education so people can manage their own risks in the water.

When we go into the ocean we are entering the domain of sharks. We have to learn to live with them and the constant focus on drumlines, SMART or not, is creating unnecessary fear.

J. Field, MLC, Greens marine spokesperson

No need to change law

“Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”

Over 60 per cent of Australians voted Yes.

A man from Mars might wonder whether this was some kind of intelligence test.

He might wonder why we failed it.

Of course, same-sex couples can marry.

All they must do is stop being a same-sex couple. Then find a suitable member of the opposite sex each.

Then get married to him/her.

The already-existing law permitted that. No need to change anything.

A. Jago, Nichols Point

A fine old mess

Fining people for parking opposite the Worrigee Medical Centre, is not the answer,  if there is no other alternative, what choice do patients have? As I see it, at some point in time, there will be a new shopping centre built opposite the medical centre, so I say, why can't the Shoalhaven Council, approach the construction company in charge, and have them lay down the planned parking area, prior to building the centre, this would allow patients to park off the street, thus making it safe for all road users, or is that too logical. 

R. O'Neill, Worrigee.