Sian Ludlow business award winner

Sian Ludlow is making a name for herself in the business world.
Sian Ludlow is making a name for herself in the business world.

IT’S not her collection of business awards that is making Sian Ludlow a winner.

Her passion to mentor and progress the creative talents of people in the Shoalhaven is what makes her a winner.

Ms Ludlow recently won the young entrepreneur awards at the Shoalhaven and Illawarra business awards.

The owner of Stella Studioz is now in the running to win the NSW  young  entrepreneur award which will be announced this Friday in Sydney.

Creativity flows from Sian’s body and and it’s infectious.

“Music is for all ages and it’s another language and is self expression which us what we teach here,” she said.

“We are built and born to create and if we don’t the affect is like poison.

She set up a  studio in Nowra one year ago and it has just boomed.

Sian was teaching from home for four years before opening the studio.

“I started with four students and then they just kept on coming in,” she said.

Sian went from four students to 80 students in a garage in Cambewarra and now has 200 students with 11 teachers on staff.

“I remember I said to my family one day I am going to build a hub - a big big giant place for the crazies, the weirdos all the eccentrics and everyone who is out there as an artist so they can all come together, belong and all have a family and where they can be themselves which is okay and I bloody did,” she said.

Her advice to others is simple and straightforward.

“Follow your passion, find your niche and let me tell you there is a market and a need for it,” she said.

Sian had trouble fitting into school and working standard job because everything in her body was telling her to go out and create.

“I felt like my whole life and everything within me was in a creative space,” she said.

The former Bomaderry High student did not complete the HSC as she was searching for her own creative niche.

Inside Sian's studio of dreams

Sian is more than a singing teacher - she is a mentor and can help others get on their paths to success.

She also does not listen to people telling her negative things.

“Everyone said to me straight away from the start was ‘you will not make money from music’ and it’s a common thing for people relate musicians to being broke,” she said.

She decided her Monday to Friday job would be teaching others to explore their creativity while also having her own ‘creative piece’ to the side.

Sian has been singing professionally since she was 16- years-of age and felt she belonged on stage.

However, like many professionals she hit a crossroads in her life.

“I got to an age where thought deep inside that my time had passed as an artist. So I thought if I can't be something then I am going to make everyone else be something,” she said.

When  it comes to reaching your dreams the young entrepreneur  said age was not a factor.

“We all think around 18 to 19-years-of-age and going into your 20s that everything is out of reach and our dream is out of reach,” she said.

“However, all you need is someone to believe in you, push you and head you down some directions and be a mentor.”

She teaches adults, children people with autism and people with mental health issues.

Her eldest student is 72-years-of age.

Sian was at home one day and a few people said she should enter the business awards.

At first she laughed it off but then thought ‘yeah why not’.

Sian had go through several interviews and took on a natural approach.

“I thought’ bugger it ‘- I am just going to be myself,” she said

Sian is also a highly driven 33-year old and wants to learn from other successful people.

She is looking forward to the state award night and having more success in the future.

“The world better be ready for me,” she said.

Including her partner Sam Winter, Sian said she had an exceptional team going on the journey of success with her.