Trolley dumping rife in Nowra

Rogue trolleys collected by Shoalhaven Council in their latest two-day haul
Rogue trolleys collected by Shoalhaven Council in their latest two-day haul

Shoalhaven City Council rangers collected 66 abandoned shopping trolleys in a two-day blitz and are encouraging residents of Nowra to help with the crackdown.

Residents can do their part in rounding up trolleys by reporting sightings on hotlines and websites developed by the major supermarkets.

Council rangers will continue with clean ups in the coming months. It is an offence to abandon a trolley and people can be issued a $220 on the spot fine if they are caught. 

Shoalhaven mayor Amanda Findley said that the “plague” of abandoned trolleys around Nowra needs to stop and it is not the responsibility of council to constantly collect them.

“Retailers in our region have millions of dollars invested in the provision of trolley services, in maintenance, replacement and upgrading of trolley,” Mayor Findley said.

“Unfortunately, some Nowra residents leave their trolley unattended and this becomes unsightly, in some instances can cause damage to motor vehicles or other property.

“The collection of abandoned trolleys should not be a priority for our council rangers, they should be the responsibility of the retailers that own the trolleys.

“Abandoned trolleys can have an environmental impact on our drains and waterways.

“Residents who spot a trolley dumped in Nowra are asked to contact the Trolley Tracker service provided by retailers.”

For all Woolworths group trolleys (Woolworths and Dan Murphy’s), call 1800 641 497 or visit 

For Coles group trolleys call 1800 876 553.