Dyeing to support marriage equality in Nowra

A Nowra hair salon dedicated Thursday to rainbow hair dye in support of marriage equality.

Christopher Shore was one of 10 brave marriage equality supporters who trusted hairdresser Jaymii Morris with the scissors and hair dye.

“I told Jaymii to have fun and do what you feel looks good,” he said.

“I’ve always been a little bit weird, thought it was a good way to help the cause

“I have a lot of friends that are gay and lesbian, and I think if they want to be married we should let them be married, it’s a human right.”

He’s prepared for any reaction that might come his way because of the colourful cut.

“I already get interesting looks, it doesn’t bother me,” Christopher said.

“If people want to judge me because of the colour of my hair and because I support equal rights, then that’s their problem.”

Alphaeus Hair Salon was decked out in balloons and marriage equality posters for the special occasion on Thursday.

Jaymii said most hair salons don’t offer rainbow hair colouring, and so it was a case of perfect timing for those interested in preparing for the Headspace queer youth formal on Friday night.

More than 100 people have tickets to the event, that includes a drag show and dancing after dinner.