Charity gives $13,400 to Shoalhaven hospital’s kids unit

On Saturday, a national charity supported heavily by local businesses presented Shoalhaven Hospital with a $13,400 cheque to spend on its paediatric unit.

Shoalhaven businesses donated generously to KidzFix in recent years, and the foundation has pledged to continue to allocate funds and ease the burden on families with sick children in the area.

The hospital will spend the most recent donation on an automatic ventilator.

“Often very sick, small children need assisted breathing,” charity spokesman Tony Emery said.

“At the moment, their oxygen levels are monitored manually by a nurse.

“This machine does the job automatically, and so it will free up staff.”

Mr Emery is part of a local group that regularly takes part in KidzFix car rallies.

“You wouldn’t believe in this day and age, a hospital unit would need resources like this, but it’s often up to charitable organisations,” he said.

KidzFix worked with paediatric unit doctor Mark De Souza to determine what was needed.