Sanctuary Point Irish dancing sisters take on world

Sanctuary Point Irish dancers Naomi, 19, Amy, 11, and Michaela Mason, 17.

Sanctuary Point Irish dancers Naomi, 19, Amy, 11, and Michaela Mason, 17.

As the crow flies, Sanctuary Point is a world away from Ireland, some 16,000km.

But a trio of sisters from Sanctuary Point share a passion for a sacred Irish tradition, and have undergone many years of training to become world class Irish dancers. 

Naomi, 19, Michaela, 17, and Amy Mason, 11, were successful at national championships early this month. 

Michaela placed fourth, and Amy placed sixth in Australia in their age groups, and all three girls qualified for world titles in Glasgow, Scotland next March.

Naomi’s a definite for world championships, where the standard is considerably higher.

“It’s pretty insane overseas,” she said.

“They’re just spectacular to watch.”

She will train all summer for what’s expected to be a career highlight.

The shared interest motivates the girls to stay polished.

“If Amy and Michaela start practicing I feel like I have to practice to keep up with them,” Naomi said.

“We all keep other going.

“We do get a bit competitive at home, we see who can practice longer, click higher, do the splits first.”

The trio plans to use their talents by busking and performing at local parties and events.

“We’re the only ones in this area that do compete,” Naomi said.

“The thing that keeps us going is because nobody else does it around here, you get the chance to showcase it when you go and dance at parties.

“Everyone’s just amazed because they’ve never seen it before.”

Email if you would like the girls to perform at an event or birthday party.

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