Travis Pastrana is bringing Nitro Circus to Wollongong's WIN Stadium in 2018

Picture: Supplied/Nitro Circus
Picture: Supplied/Nitro Circus

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Nitro Circus returns to Wollongong in 2018 with a daring FMX Big Air Ramp that will launch motorbike riders more than 60 feet into the air.

Travis Pastrana, the X Games gold medallist who runs the show, will also be returning and pumped to show-off the ramp he’s built and tested in his backyard – the first time it will have left the US.

“No matter how many times you practice it never feels enough when you’re looking at it,” Pastrana said of nailing the landings.

Extreme sports athletes will be seen flying through the sky in the open-air venue WIN Stadium on March 24, the third stop on the 2018 world tour.

I’m 33-years-old and I’ve had 32 operations, so my goal is to keep my age in line with the number of operations.

Travis Pastrana

BMX, skateboards and “crazy contraptions” riders will also be launched off a 50 foot high Nitro Giganta Ramp.

But how does one get into a sport that sometimes leads to multiple fractures and hospital visits?

“I’m 33-years-old and I’ve had 32 operations, so my goal is to keep my age in line with the number of operations,” Nitro’s leader joked.

Travis Pastrana. Picture: Supplied/Nitro Circus

Travis Pastrana. Picture: Supplied/Nitro Circus


Pastrana first jumped on a Honda one-speed at the age of four, later finding a calling in motocross. After breaking out in racing it was freestyle where he showed most versatility.

“It doesn't matter if you’re four-years-old doing a one-footer or you’re 50-years-old doing a double back flip, the feeling doesn’t change when you’re pushing yourself and trying something you’ve never tried before,” he said.

For as long as he can remember jumps were what he loved.

Pastrana’s first tricks started out small by taking one foot off the pedal while he jumped, then the other foot, then both feet and eventually a hand too.

Picture: Supplied/Nitro Circus

Picture: Supplied/Nitro Circus


The stunt man admitted fear was real and while he may feel “a little less” than he should, the feeling is what keeps him in check and at the top of his game.

“The people who are truly fearless they get too injured to ever become good,” Pastrana said, while also noting he also felt pain.

“There’s been a lot of riders and athletes in action sports … who decided it’s just not worth it.

“For me, when I get hurt … even in that moment, I’m less upset about being in pain than I am about not being able to ride. I’m more upset about being on the couch not doing what I love.”

Nitro Circus “You Got This” tour, WIN Entertainment Centre, March 24, 2018.

Picture: Supplied/Nitro Circus

Picture: Supplied/Nitro Circus

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