Keep battening down those hatches

Go outside today and you would almost get blown away but the good news that we have not heard of any reports of major damage.

The region’s SES units are still on standby and ready to respond to calls for help but they can report there has not been any major calls.

In the central Shoalhaven the SES, during the past two days, had received around 10 calls, while the St Georges Basin unit got one call about a fallen tree but there was not any great damage.

All emergency services advise people not to take any risks and just play things safe – on land and on the water.

The forecast for the Illawarra coast is for waters from 1.5 to 2.5 metres, increasing to 3 to 4 metres offshore and swell forecast is for a southerly below one metre, increasing to two to three metres during the afternoon.

There is a 50 per cent chance of showers offshore in the afternoon and evening, a near zero chance of rain elsewhere. 

The Wind Weather Situation

Vigorous westerly winds, associated with a low pressure system over the southern Tasman Sea, are moving over south eastern and central eastern parts of NSW today (Friday). 

Winds will turn southerly on Saturday and remain gusty along the coast as the low moves further east.

Damaging winds averaging 60 to 70 km/h with peak gusts in excess of 90 km/h are likely over south eastern and central eastern parts of NSW today, including the Sydney Metropolitan Area, Blue Mountains, Illawarra, South Coast and southern ranges.

In case of storm emergency call the SES on 132500

All other emergencies dial 000