On The Beat | Thursday, July 13

NSW Police Shoalhaven crime prevention officer Senior Constable Anthony Jory.

NSW Police Shoalhaven crime prevention officer Senior Constable Anthony Jory.

Back to school: It is nearly the end of the school holidays and as yet there are no reports of parents being found in the foetal position in their bedrooms or carers head’s exploding.

I myself am glad that my kids are grown up.

School starts next week so the next few days would be good to reinforce in your children the need for going to school.

Most kids want to go to school however there are the few that hang back and head to the local hangout or the CBD, others go to a friend’s house or just wander the streets.

Sometimes there is a reason why the kids don’t want to go to school.

Your child may be subject to bullying for example. Others may be rebelling.

Whatever the reason, try and have a talk with your child and take appropriate action if need be.

Remember, if your child does not attend school, you may be charged. Not the child.

Yard security: If your front yard is littered with bikes, just delivered building materials, skateboards, fishing rods etc, clean it up.

Property left in front yards and even rear yards is an easy target for crooks looking for something to steal.

If you have a side gate or other gate that leads to the rear of your home, make sure it is lockable and when not in use lock it.

Don’t create the conditions for a crime of opportunity.

Handbag security: I always keep my handbag secure however there are those who do not.

How many times have we seen a car driving down the road from the supermarket with a handbag on the roof?

I have seen it a couple of times.

The handbag generally falls off and the owner drives off oblivious to it all.

A crook then may find the handbag and steal the money and credit cards.

He/she could then wander off to the shops and have a lovely time buying beer, smokes, clothes and food.

They can also spend up big on the online gambling on the Google net.

By the time the owner of the handbag gets home and puts the groceries away, she is in the hole for hundreds of dollars.

My suggestion would be to put the handbag over the shoulder prior to placing your shopping in the car.

Place the shopping into the car and the get into the car.

Place your handbag on the passenger seat once you have locked your doors.

You can then return to headquarters.

Once you get home, take your handbag into the house with your first lot of groceries.

Lock the car door while you are gone (if you are parked on or near the street).

Unlock the car, grab the groceries and repeat.

There will be people that believe that this advice is stupid, however it happens.

Crooks will wait for you to get into the house and while you are in there, get into your car and steal the items within.  

Remember there is always you in the word Secyourity

Remember you can Dob in a Druggie any time you like by contacting Nowra Police or ringing Crime Stoppers.

And also do not drink and drive.

As always, in case of an emergency call 000. In non-emergencies call the Policelink on 131 444 or your local police station. To provide anonymous information call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000. For domestic and family violence information, visit www.police.nsw.gov.au. For Shoalhaven Domestic Violence officers call 4421 966


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