Middle of winter? Could have fooled us

It may be hard to fathom, but we are halfway through winter.

Umbrellas across the region have been collecting dust. The sun has been radiant this winter, and the rainfall has been scarce.

Less than 3mL of rain has fallen on Nowra in July, a month where we’re normally subject to 98mL of rain.

It’s not about to change; there is no rainfall forecast for the next week.

Farmers have experienced a tough run all winter. In June, 77mL of rain fell on Nowra soil, well short of the monthly average of more than 100mL.

But, for your average punter who would much rather wait for a bus, trudge from the car to the office, or meet up for coffee in the sun, it has been a glorious winter.

Retail and hospitality businesses are bound to benefit; many people were out and about in Nowra’s CBD on Thursday.

The mornings have been cold, the thermometer dropped to just one degree last Friday. The average maximum temperature has been a degree lower than usual, at 15.4 degrees.


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