Students soak up different culture | story photos and video

Bomaderry High School recently hosted an Asia Expo with more than 300 primary students and 200 secondary students involved in the event. 

The expo was a culmination of a semester's work where secondary and Stage Three primary students from Cambewarra, Kangaroo Valley, Shoalhaven Heads, Berry and Bomaderry public schools work together to study an Asian culture. 

Great day for Asia Expo

This year the students studied the cultures of Thailand, China, Korea, Japan and Nepal. 

The program involves cultural experiences such as trips to Chinatown and video conferences with students in Korea. 

Guest performers, Bomaderry high school staff and students, along with international students from the University of Wollongong combined to run the day.

Students, during this learning day, experienced the flavours of gow gee and bulgogi, Arabic writing and language, the Korean game of 'Yut', Bollywood dancing, Indian painting, origami,  Chinese lantern making and Korean drumming.